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Kentucky Fans Confuse A Basketball Game For The Hunger Games, Give Josh Hutcherson The District 12 Salute

catching fire three finger salute

Josh Hutcherson recently went to a University of Kentucky basketball game to support his home team, the Wildcats. Who probably need all the support they can get because basketball’s hard enough when you’re human — throw in four paws, a distaste for closed in spaces and limited litter box access and you’re looking at quite the athletic challenge. While the non-celebrity fans presumably went to support the feral beasts too, they quickly got distracted by the presence of Josh Hutcherson. It’s not every day you’re in the same bleachers as The World’s Most Adorable Little Nugget. (A real title that’s not at all made up.)

Rather than stealthily take photos of the Catching Fire star and pretend that they didn’t notice him there, the fans went all out and gave him the three-finger District 12 salute. Which in the movies means solidarity and respect. And in real life means, WE LIKE YOUR MOVIE VERY, VERY MUCH AND WE’RE SO OVERCOME WITH EXCITEMENT THAT YOU’RE HERE AMONG US NORMALS THAT WE’RE CONFUSING YOU WITH THE CHARACTER THAT YOU PLAY. WOULD YOU ALSO LIKE US TO SACRIFICE OUR CHILDREN? TAKE TWO! OR TAKE TWENTY! AW HECK, TAKE ‘EM ALL!

Every day I wake up and hope that when I open my eyes I’ll be living in Panem. And every day I get disappointed that I’m still stuck in boring old America. Living free of fear that I’ll be selected to sacrifice my life in order to maintain stability in within the nation. So I totally get where these fans were coming from when they all stood up and gave the salute. Honesty, they’re lucky I wasn’t there. As the world’s foremost Mixer-Upper Between Actors and the Characters They Play (another real title), I would’ve probably gone a step further, kidnapped two eligible tributes and forced them to battle to the death for Josh/Peeta’s entertainment. But that’s just the over eager celebrity pleaser in me.

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