Britney Spears Was A Pro About Her Wardrobe Malfunction, Mostly Because She Didn’t Notice

Britney Spears attending the Los Angeles premiere of The Smurfs 2 July 2013Britney Spears’ Las Vegas show Piece of Me is getting all its controversies out of the way early, it would seem. We’ve already had lip syncing accusations and reports that staffers have to undergo random pat-downs. Apparently what happens in Vegas doesn’t actually stay in Vegas, and that includes that time Miley Cyrus kissed that backup dancer. Now Britney can check “wardrobe malfunction” off her to-do list list as well. This past weekend her dress/bodysuit/thing popped open at the back while she was performing “Circus.”

Thankfully it was captured on video, and even more thankfully (that’s arguable) nobody saw any inappropriate body parts, painted on or otherwise, because Britney was a total pro about it and allowed her backup dancer to fix the malfunction. She even kept lip syncing! If we’re being completely honest, though, she might not have even realized it was happening. Of course, the very fact that it looks like she’s unaware might just be because of her professionalism. She could actually be thinking the entire time: “Oh my god my clothes are coming off! Help! SOMEBODY FIX THIS NOW!” but nobody would know. I’m not a Britney mind reader so I could be wrong, but it looks like she’s just focusing on remembering the dance moves until the dancer grabs onto her. And then she’s probably thinking, “Why is this guy undoing my dress?”

Britney is apparently so blissfully unaware of what’s going on with her career — from her album bombing to her documentary bombing to pretty much just things bombing — that it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t know about this either. But while her ignorance of the other things makes me kind of sad for her, it would probably be a good thing if she didn’t realize the audience was a dance move away from seeing her butt crack. That’s something to really panic about, and panic doesn’t really look great when you’re trying to entertain people. That’s why backup dancers are always there to close your back up. Eh? Eh? I tried.

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    • niggerish whip

      Do I really need to state the obvious for people? EVERYONE lip syncs during concerts….especially if you’re dancing your ass off. I’m not a fan of the type of music this girl does but give her a break. Nobody performing choreographed shit like that during an entire act could perform without lip syncing. You’d simply get winded and then the vocals would sound like shit. The chick looks better than ever and she seems to have gotten her shit together and people still wanna fuck with her over literally nothing.

      • horrorshow

        Pink doesn’t lip sync

      • Kate

        Agreed – but Pink also doesn’t do the kind of choreography required of performers like Britney. Whereas Pink can rely on her BOMBASS voice, Britney and other vocalists with slightly less powerful voices and/or super involved dance routines do lip sync. Or at least they should.

      • CMJ

        People in musicals don’t lip synch…and they dance their asses off.

      • jane

        Then go see a musical.

      • CMJ

        I do…all the time. I was simply responding to the person above that basically said people who do that kind of choreography couldn’t perform without lip synching. People do it…all the time.

      • sherry904

        anyone hating on her is just jealous. she is awesome and she is the one in the news–not all the people criticizing her!! and she is making the $$$$$$’s. Go Britney!

      • John

        Oh Sherry…lol! She is out there “doing it” because the money is rolling in so i dont blame her. What I dont understand is how so many people i.e. ditsy women and girls, would actually consider buying her c*rap and even worse paying to see her so-called “live show”!

      • John

        Britney Spears s*ucks in every way. Dont try to mask that through a so-called intelligent discussion about her having to dance and sing at the same time! Her music is lame, she is lame, but she sure does make a lot of money because there are enough stupid women and girls out there who will buy her c*rap and go and see her in concert!

    • Fred American

      No big deal with Ms. Spears showing anything, her naked private parts have been on the internet for over 5 years now.

    • Meredith Hirt

      I danced for 8 years as an adolescent and things like this happen all the time. Of course, we only had to impress competition judges and not the American population…but still. The show must go on!

    • Boo

      She handled it well but of course she knew it happened bc her entire back was opened and she stood there and let the guy zip her up. It happens, she handled it well. Moving on.

    • John

      As nice as can try to be I still cant stand her! She is so shallow and stupid! It shows in her lousy so called music and in the write ups she gets on these websights!

    • John

      Sucks sucks sucks! Go and see Eric Clapton or Bruce Springsteen if you want to see a good show!

    • Eric

      she moves like a Mack truck through a shopping mall.

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