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15 Hit Songs Of 2013 That Will Survive Through 2014 And Beyond

11. Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead”

Kanye West Black Skinhead GIF


Who is he kidding, Kanye West is never gonna let anyone finish. He’s going to use his “godliness” to stay at the front of the pack forever. So of course his 2013 hit is making it in 2014, too. At least the video for this one doesn’t feature a topless Kim Kardashian.

12. Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Taylor Swift I Knew You Were Trouble GIF


Even screeching goats couldn’t diminish this song’s popularity. It is pretty fun to scream at the top of your lungs, especially if, like Taylor, you have someone specific in mind when you do it. Harry Styles works; he may not have realized he was fake dating you like he was Taylor, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t break your heart.

13. Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound”

Capital Cities Safe and Sound video GIF


This hit will remain a hit because it’s kind of still on its way to becoming a hit. Capital Cities isn’t as highly known as a lot of these other stars, but that could very possibly change in 2014. Plus, I’ve seen them live, and they’re amazing.

14. One Direction’s “Live While We’re Young”

One Direction Live While We're Young


I never thought I’d say this, but One Direction has a point. It’s a new year, and you’re only getting older. So keep on playing this song to remind yourself to live while you’re young. Unless your News Year’s resolution is to never listen to One Direction again, but that’s a little harsh, even for me.

15. The Lumineer’s “Ho Hey”

The Lumineers Ho Hey GIF


I’m not just including this because it’s my alarm ringtone, I swear. The Lumineers appeal to a lot of cross genres and their laid back music makes for easy but interesting listening. No fuss, no drama, just music, straight and simple. If only I could make the “no drama” part stick for all of 2014…

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  • GetAClueDude

    I think there are better ongs that will stand the test of time than those listed here. I found some great tracks on RollingStone.com and MusicUnited.com. The indie artists are those that seem to produce the more quality music.

    • Meredith Hirt

      Thanks for sharing those sites – I’ll be adding a lot of that music to my playlist!

    • Meredith Hirt

      Thanks for sharing those sites – I’ll be adding a lot of that music to my 2014 playlist for sure.

  • AshLee Anderson

    i’m so proud of you! this is awesome :)

    • Meredith Hirt

      Ahh thanks so much!! I hope you’re doing well!