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2013 Celebrity Haircuts, Ranked From Good To Whyyyy

7. Pamela Anderson’s Pixie

Pamela Anderson Pixie

(Image: Twitter)

I’m really excited about Pamela’s new hair because I’ve grown up seeing her having super long platinum extensions and not much else. But then, this new Pam crawled out from nowhere and cut it all off, which is awesome. I’m not a huge fan of the specific style she chose, but she gets points anyway for diving right into it.

 8. Taylor Swift’s Bob

Taylor Swift Winter Whites Gala London England UK November 26 2013

(Photo: WENN)

I think this cut looks really great on Taylor, but I also feel like she (aka her stylists) need to learn some new styles that better fit the shorter length. It’s like I like it, but I don’t want to be in a relationship with it. I’m sure that clarifies things.

8. Kristin Chenoweth’s Pixie

Kristin Chenoweth The Boy Next Door Set November 19 2013 Los Angeles CA

(Photo: Revolutionpix/WENN)

Maybe this one’s a styling issue? I can’t put my finger on it, but whatever “it” is makes my eyes feel like the hair doesn’t suit her well.

9. Jennifer Aniston’s Bob

Jennifer Aniston Bob Haircut

(Photo: Instagram)

Jen has had the exact same hair since around the day that she exited her mom’s womb (scientists are still sorting out how), but here she is, decades later with the same hair minus a few inches. I don’t hate it, I’m just so bored of it already.

10. Jennifer Lawrence’s Pixie

Jennifer Lawrence Premiere of The Hunger Games NYC November 21 2013

(Photo: PNP/WENN)

I think the part of Jen’s haircut that doesn’t sit well with me is how thin the line between “nicely styled” and “accidental hair helmet” is for it. On a good day, she looks like an intimidatingly classy lady but on a bad day she emits some powerful Kate Gosselin vibes.

11. Alicia Keys’ Bowl Cut

Alicia Keys Performs on GMA New York City NY August 30 2013

(Photo: WENN)

Okay, I should clarify that this cut was fabulous on that kid who sat behind me in the third grade and wouldn’t admit to putting his boogers under the desk. This hair on Alicia, however, is making me very confused. Confused about my emotions, confused about where the bangs begin and where they end. Just so many question marks filling my brain.

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  • CherrylSeybold

    The Hair cut may be stylish and more attractive to be suit in every girl.


  • kim

    I dont understand why people act so shocked whenever beyonce takes out her weave like that is who she is. Or i guess that is who she has become “her hair”. People seem to forget she didnt always have that hair or color. Remember when they did the we are the world remake and beyonce took her weave out for that. It’s funny how people can be so blind. Her hair has always been short . Her hair has just been the star of her career. Get it. Now J wants eeveryone to see her how he see’s her behind her insecurities. Just like Kanye getting kim to dress down wear less makeup

  • Sophia

    Alicia noooooooooooo