Lifetime Movie The Wrong Woman Was A Super Fun Game Of ‘Hey, I Know That Actor!’

The Wrong Woman

I enjoyed the new Lifetime movie The Wrong Woman. Sure, it could have used a little extra cheese here and there to make for a more fun experience, but I mostly liked watching Winnie Cooper get arrested by Steve Urkel and then defended in court by Jerry Gergich while Aaron Samuels looked on. In case you’re not fluent in Pop Culture Reference, that’s Danica McKellar, Jaleel White, Jim O’Heir and Jonathan Bennett. Their characters in this movie also had names, but I’m going to ignore those and just refer to them by the characters they’re famous for. One of my many talents is making sure actors can never escape their most well-known roles no matter how hard they try. Mwahahaha.

The movie starts in a parking garage, so you know something bad is going to happen. Believe me, if you ever see a movie character in a parking garage, they’re either about to be (almost) murdered or they’re meeting a mysterious figure with super secret information about the president. It’s really an either/or situation. So naturally a redhead gets a tire iron to the head by someone in badass boots — but no face.

That’s when we meet Winnie Cooper, a sweet wife/mother/dental hygienist who’s taking secret pole dancing classes to surprise her husband. She learned something called “the butterfly,” and she is VERY excited to tell her co-worker about it. By the way, that co-worker is Jennifer Aspen from the extremely underrated comedy GCB. Another square on your “Hey, I know her” bingo card.

Winnie’s disinterested husband is a cop, and she’s very quick to name drop him whenever she’s in a sticky situation. One of those situations is being pulled over by a lady cop for expired tags. Lady cop says she doesn’t know her husband, and neither do the detectives — one of whom is Urkel — who show up at Winnie’s house to question her in the attack we witnessed earlier. At this point I just assumed that the husband didn’t exist and this whole thing was in Winnie’s head. That is not the case, but you can probably see how I’d think that. By the way, that lady cop will be very important later, because duh.

The cops think Winnie attacked the redhead — who it turns out is an escort — due to all the evidence that ties her to the crime. To make matters worse, Winnie initially lies about her alibi because she’s embarrassed to be taking pole dancing classes. Urkel is extremely offended by what he thinks is her budding stripper career and spends the rest of the movie with a grumpy vendetta against her. For instance, later on the victim regains consciousness and is asked to ID Winnie as her attacker, and Urkel interprets her confusion about her surroundings and sudden headache to be a positive ID. I think maybe his suspenders are too tight.

Winnie is kept in jail to recreate Orange Is The New Black and cry a lot. Her husband comes to visit her, ruining my whole “He’s not real” theory, and he’s more concerned about her pole dancing revelation than the fact that she’s been accused of attempted murder. Lifetime characters always have their priorities straight, don’t they? Too bad he gets the worst lawyer ever to defend Winnie pro bono. But surprise, it’s Jerry Gergich! He’s my favorite character on Parks and Rec and he’s my favorite character here, mostly because he’s a total hack and I love it.

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    • Jenni

      OMG Aaron Samuels! I spent the whole movie trying to place him. I feel like such a failure right now.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        I had the same problem with the last Lifetime movie he was in! And then I was so ashamed of myself.

    • Trevor

      Are you to watch the movie that’s premiering tonight at 9, “Taken For Ransom”?

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Didn’t watch that one. Did you end up watching?

      • Trevor

        Yeah, it was really good and had a FANTASTIC ending. You should totally watch it if it ever airs again!

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Ooh, sorry to have missed it. I’ll have to keep it in mind!

    • Aurora01

      Wasn’t there already a Lifetime movie called The Wrong Woman about 15 years ago starring Nancy McKeon? I’m confused.

    • Mel

      I had surgery two days ago, and watching this movie is still the most painful thing that’s happened to me today.

    • Ria

      ROFL, I think this is the funniest review yet! OMG, I’m crying!!! I haven’t seen it yet but I must…if only to see Steve Urkel attempting to be a serious actor!

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed.

    • Cbalducc

      For a while, it looked like “The Wrong Woman” was going to be a movie about a serious topic that deserves more exposure – innocent people being tried and convicted for crimes they didn’t commit due to the incompetence and/or corruption of the “justice” system. Alas, it was just another version of the story of “The Wronged Woman” rebuilding her life with the assistance of a sympathetic and handsome man. In reality, most people who are eventually found innocent of crimes for which they were tried and convicted end up financially ruined and those responsible are not held accountable.

    • Cbalducc

      On a sad note, Suzanne Krull, the actress who played the witness who lied about seeing Ms. McKellar’s character after the crime, died at the age of 47 before this movie was released.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        That is sad, I had no idea. Thanks for sharing that.

    • artwilson

      After every lifetime movie..Jill is my next stop! I am not a fan of this one..had me missing the go to lifetime movie actors..all true fans know who I’m talking about..I liked Danica for a fresh change other than her couldn’t get past Steve Erkle ..or the legal aide side relationship. Zero chemistry..

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Thanks for reading! Sorry you weren’t a fan of this one. Here’s hoping 2014 has some good ones.

    • thebostonista

      Lifetime movies always end so abruptly! Every time I watch one I think I’ll be satisfied. And it.never.happens.

    • ng7311

      You are hilarious, I loved your review!

    • Natalie

      well this was great. I started to watch this on tv and couldn’t get past the whole 500k bail, no attorney, no Miranda rights, no one even caring if her daughter is home alone. The acting was so bad that it was too painful to watch. I cut out after the 3 minute visitation with her husband and they cut her phone call like she was a serial killer. Come on, did no one at lifetime ever watch a police law show? anyway, I jumped over to wheel of fortune and came here to see what possible review there was on this b- movie.

      • T

        hahah!! I agree! I’m a lawyer, and I was laughing my butt off when I saw her being questioned by the investigators with no explanation, taken to the station, interrogated with no Miranda rights, the way she was kept in jail, the bail.. I mean! It’s so much, I can’t even list it! LOL!

    • Scarletlin

      I am so confused…taped the wrong woman….watched to almost the end and tape ended before the movie did…Retaped it..added 5 more min….watched again…the whole ending was changed…first taping showed the female cop was the one who assaulted the prostitute who was having affair with Winnie’s husband…then Winnie knocked her out…it jumps to Winnie playing tennis with her daughter…then ends…..the second time the whole scene with the cop was not there at all…showed Winnie in court…she wins and walks out of court free again…what the heck…Is there 2 endings to this story?

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