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11 TV Kids Who Will Definitely Need A Good Therapist

6. Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Wig


The Show: Hannah Montana

Why They’ll Be Scarred: If you spent half of your life hiding your real identity from everyone and the other half hiding your celebrity from everyone, you’d grow up to be very confused and very cliche-former-child-star. Now, I don’t want to go drawing any comparisons to the real former child star who played her, but…

7. The Unborn Child of Daya and Officer Bennett

Daya and Bennett OITNB Smile


The Show: Orange Is The New Black

Why They’ll Be Scarred: This relationship may seem all sweet and loving but can we address the elephant in the room for a sec? This baby is about to be born in a prison, to a mother who is currently forced to stay in that prison and a father who illegally impregnated said mother. And to add insult to injury, everyone is going to think that a pervy guy named Pornstache is its dad. Nothing good is going to possibly come of that.

8. Debbie Gallagher

Debbie Gallagher Shameless Looking In Door


The Show: Shameless

Why They’ll Be Scarred: Well, for starters, both of her parents skipped out on her and her siblings and left her eldest sister to carry the weight of it all. Well, most of the weight. Because, at all of about 11 years old, Debbie runs a babysitting service to help support her family, takes care of her scummy dad when he’s drunk, and takes care of her baby brother when no one else can.

9. Pete(s) Wrigley

The Adventures of Pete and Pete Field


The Show: The Adventures of Pete And Pete

Why They’ll Be Scarred: I don’t know why their parents thought it’d be a good idea to give their sons the same exact name. Like, “Tee-hee, we’ll be calling for one Pete, but the other Pete will answer because that’s his name too! It’ll be a blast.” But also, “Whoopsies, looks like they’ll have some identity issues on account of the fact that we took theirs away from them when we named them the same thing.”

10. Walter White, Jr.

Walter White Jr Breaking Bad Tell The Truth


The Show: Breaking Bad

Why They’ll Be Scarred: His dad, the head drug dealer in all of the land, is the cause of this one. In the process of trying to support his family, he accidentally broke the law and killed lots of people and ruined lives, including his son’s.

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  • Jill O’Rourke

    “Poor Sally Draper” should just be Mad Men’s official subtitle.

    • Olivia Wilson

      It is; it’s just in very small, nearly clear-colored print.