• Fri, Dec 27 - 12:30 pm ET

The Official Crushable Soundtrack To 2013’s Most WTF Pop Culture Moments


Miley Cyrus feels the need to remind us that she’s no longer a kid, with a shocking, vulgar display at the Video Music Awards. I am Miley, hear me ‘Roar‘.


Absurdly talented teenager Lorde sweeps her way onto the scene with high profile feuds with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez right out of the gate. Talk about a ‘Wrecking Ball‘, right?


Julianne Hough decides that going in blackface is a really crucial part of her Halloween plans, and in the ensuing aftermath, I really have to ask myself – ’What Does The Fox Say’ that she could’ve been thinking?


Harry Styles premieres his brand new (and extremely perplexing) fakelationship with Kendall Jenner. But knowing him, I think he’d say that kind of the ‘Story Of My Life’.


Just wall-to-wall Beyonce. How could it be anyone else? And how could it be any more fitting, with her bookending the year 2013? She is all powerful, and her secret album couldn’t be better proof of that.

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  • Jill O’Rourke

    How long before we just rename December Beyoncember?

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I second that motion.