Derek Hough And Nina Dobrev Keep The Memory Of Their Fakelationship Alive With A Christmas Dance War

Nina Dobrev Christmas dance war December 2013

We all have our quirky holiday traditions. Maybe you and your family like to wear sombreros and watch A Christmas Story backwards every Christmas Eve. I won’t judge. It turns out celebrities have weird holiday traditions as well. For the Hough family — that’s Julianne Hough and Derek Hough, to be precise — it’s become a tradition to take on Extra host and former DWTS contestant Maria Menounos in a dance war. They already did it for Thanksgiving this year, and now they’ve done it again for Christmas. Seems kind of unfair considering Julianne and Derek are professional dancers and all, but whatever.

This time around the battlefield looked a little different, though, because Julianne’s BFF Nina Dobrev participated on the Hough side. Why is this such a big deal, you ask? Because you might remember that Nina and Derek had a “relationship” for a split second earlier this year. I put quotes around “relationship” because we at Crushable are not totally convinced it was a genuine romance. In fact, we listed their time together on our list of favorite fakelationships of 2013. Our speculation prompted lots of angry comments from people who really didn’t like the idea of Derek Hough maybe being gay.

But isn’t it lovely that Derek and Nina could bury the fakelationship hatchet and enjoy Christmas through the power of dance? Do you think they had a good laugh over hot chocolate and cookies about that time they pretended to enjoy kissing each other?  “Ho ho ho, what a crazy time that was. Let’s celebrate the fact that we no longer have to do that by beating an entertainment news anchor in a dance-off!”

If you’re interested in seeing what Nina and Derek came up with for their parts of the dance battle, check out Julianne Hough’s several Instagram videos below, complete with Christmas onesies and snowball fights. Then head on over to Maria Menounos’ Instagram page to see her many, MANY video responses. And then can someone please explain to me what the hell this is all about?

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    • justin love

      I hope you die… don’t put Nina name In this stupid page

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        So kind.

      • Guest

        You will not find a crazier fanbase than the Nina/Ian/Derek fanbase.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh I know it.

    • soggybiscuit

      famewhore family

    • mea

      U must not know how to have fun during Christmas. Lighten up! Luv the videos, part of the Christmas spirit. We need more of these the way the world is today.

    • Megan Roberts

      I’m not even a Derek Hough fan and I think this blog is horrible. Perhaps you should start doing some research before you write again.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Would you like to recommend an avenue to pursue, or did you just stop by to drop off an insult?

    • Clara
      • Joy McBride

        Derek is not gay!!! Julianne and Nina are not Lesbians!! In Hollywood apparently you can not have friends of the same sex or people will call you gay or lesbian. They are all just good friends. None of them are fame whores either, they all hate the paparazzi. It is not their fault that every time they step out their doors cameras are shoved in their faces. Nina is very lucky to be accepted into the Hough family as a good friend. The Houghs are a very loving close knit family.

    • Linden

      Ha, ha. Funny piece! Thanks for making me giggle. I think it is pretty well known in Hollywood that Derek is gay or at the very least bisexual (but I doubt that.) If Nina is dating anybody in the Hough family it must be Julianne. She certainly is spending A LOT of time with Julianne. Maybe Derek is acting as the merkin for Nina and Julianne, a little payback for Julianne acting as the beard for Derek and Ryan?

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Thanks for reading. Something certainly seems to be up.

    • Alicia Rose

      ‘nina and derek dating’ is for publicity. the whole thing started when derek got emmy, done to gain some more fame and to show nina is over ian. it was the perfect opportunity at that time. its either that or derek and nina are just friends like they were before and people misunderstood. but for me it seems that nina and julianne are lesb**ns! not BFFs, they spent every holiday together for godsack!!!

    • Eve

      you are so right! nina and derek and their fakelationship! xD it’s either she’s lesbian or he’s gay!!

    • CC

      You know I don’t really think Derek’s gay. Nina’s currently getting her needed sex from this guy. But this whole spotlight craving thing is overpowering. I’m waiting for the gangs possible Australian trip in the next few days.
      ATTENTION: Photos coming your way every hour, Julianne, Derek, Nina Hough and the Hairdresser are in town and the paps have been notified, by them of course.
      #Fun #BestFriendsForever #Happiness #LivingLife #DiscoveringCreatingYourselfFromHolidayingAndPartying
      #Lame #OverBoard #TryingTooHard #SeekingAttention #TeenageBehaviour #LookAtMe #EnoughAlready

      • Jill O’Rourke


    • Candice

      current impression of the hough’s:

      Look at me! look at me, are you looking at me??? LOOK AT ME PLEASE GOD LOOK AT ME.

    • Red

      or maybe derek and nina are still together, maybe its just a fake break-up before…im a nian fan, just cant help to think that way…