• Thu, Dec 26 - 1:42 pm ET

‘Tis The Season To Live Vicariously Through Celebrities’ Christmas Instagrams

Paris Hilton holding a tiny dog in front of a lavish Christmas tree. Some things never change.

Jessica Alba’s brother dressed as Ralphie from A Christmas Story. And Jaime King was there too!

Fergie shared an adorable photo of her and Josh Duhamel’s baby son Axl. He looks so much like his parents!

Lance Bass wore some festive socks. (He was also at the Kardashian Krismas party.)

Rachel Zoe celebrated her first Christmas with her new baby son by ordering Chinese takeout. You and me both, Zoe.

Aziz Ansari continued being awesome by playing a Christmas Eve game of Seinfeld Monopoly.

Neil Patrick Harris showed off his amazing gift to partner David Burtka – a “mechanical flip book.”

Oh, nothing. Just Joe Jonas’ fancy monogrammed napkin at Christmas dinner.

Speaking of Jonases, Kevin and his wife Danielle had a very pregnant Christmas in front of the tree.

How cute is Snooki’s little son Lorenzo? Answer: very cute.

Just Heidi Klum in silly Christmas glasses in front of one of her SIX Christmas trees.

(Lead Photo: Instagram)

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