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10 TV Shows That The Internet Was Really Good At Ruining

6. Dancing With The Stars (And Other Competition Shows)

Amber Riley Derek Hough Dancing With The Stars Win


Beside the fact that these shows are made up of the same episodes just recycled through the years, I also don’t even need to watch to know who wins. It still matters to me, of course, but long gone are the days where I’d actually vote for my favorite contestant on my landline during American Idol. (Hahaha.)

7. American Horror Story

American Horro Story Evan Peters Normal People


Like Alexander’s bad day, I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very big wimp. Because of that fact, I’m pretty easily unsettled. But, despite that, I was planning to watch this show and just soldier through my nightmares. Except that time that I learned that the current season is based on a true story, which made everything more intense, as knowing that usually does.

8. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

KUWTK Kim Kardashian Nod


These days, KUWTK is about as entertaining as watching someone clean up a small water spill on the floor with a napkin. But there was a point where I’d actually regularly tune into the show because I’m a terrible person, or whatever. That is, until I realized that I knew every part of every drama that was going to go down because the Kardshians are lifers on the celebrity gossip circuit. Why do I need to spend precious hours of my life watching Rob Kardashian frowning and Kris Jenner lovingly gazing at her bank accounts daughters when I’ve already read about the actual drama?

9. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Models Blowing Kiss


Every year, we know which musical artist is performing at the show, what the models will wear during the show, and everything in between because pictures and video of the event are always all over the place before the TV special airs. It never fails. It’s like they don’t even give a damn if we watch.

10. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Walter White Wanna Cook


I’ve never seen the internet so dominated by something as much as the series finale of Breaking Bad did during the days leading up to it and the night of. And afterward, you’d be hard up to find someone who wasn’t sharing their conspiracy theory about what the ending meant. All I’m saying is that I hope you weren’t, like, an episode behind or something because you would have been out of luck.

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  • http://maitribathbody.com/ Maitri

    I don’t think Homeland is boring, but I guess having worked for the State Department and with family members in the CIA it’s more interesting?

    • Olivia Wilson

      Yeah, that could be it!

  • http://www.kizi1.org/ Kizi 1

    I love the pictures that you take it very interesting and amazing, thank

  • olivia

    Kinda ignorant to write ‘billion hours of watching’ to Sherlock, because 1 season is 3 episodes. So this is not your typical twentysomething episodes-series, but who am I to judge, you know everything better than us. But sometimes you should do your homework before you write anything.

    • Olivia Wilson

      Anything?? Even my “Will you go out with me, check yes or no” notes?

  • adrs

    Sherlock is only 9 hours long so far soo…

    • Olivia Wilson

      Do you know how many hour-long naps I could take in that time? (It’s 9!)

      But, joking aside, I already know everything that happens in it so it just feels a little pointless to watch.

  • Era

    Billion hours? Your argument is baseless. You don’t know what you’re missing, Olivia. Easier? It’s not about what’s easy, but about the journey. I’m in several ongoing fandoms (i.e. on the air) and while spoilers are a hazard sometimes, it’s only when you seek them that the entire plot is revealed. Otherwise just frequent spoiler free zones. Most fans are well aware of tagging protocol, spoiler hiding and appropriate time limit for blatant plot exposition.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Whoa, take it easy on Olivia! Cripes!