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This Peanuts Christmas Dance Flash Mob Is Guaranteed To Charm You

Charlie Brown Christmas Peanuts dance

Few things compare to A Charlie Brown Christmas during the holiday season. There’s just something completely comforting and endearing about the Peanuts characters, and the specials inspire a sense of nostalgia in pretty much anyone who watches them at any age. Even if you weren’t born when they premiered. Somehow you turn it on and start saying things like, “Things were so much simpler in those days” and “Kids these days just don’t appreciate things like this” and “Care for a cough drop out of my cardigan pocket?”

But it really is nice to watch something innocent and kid-appropriate that doesn’t involve 12-year-old future trainwrecks screaming their lines and opening doors like Cosmo Kramer (cough, Disney Channel, cough). So that’s why this flash mob that Mashable put together in New York City is such a delight to watch. It recreates the iconic Peanuts Christmas dance, and it’s guaranteed to charm your pants off. Or if you’re not in the mood to have your pants missing, it’ll charm your socks off. Or just charm you without any articles of clothing leaving your body, if that’s what you prefer. And don’t you worry, Snoopy makes an appearance too.

I’ve always wanted to dance like a Peanuts character. I have a friend whose dancing pretty much looks exactly like that, and it’s the most joyous thing to witness. So carefree and happy. My style of dancing just involves moving my arms in a way that looks halfway normal, so I’m pretty jealous that the members of this flash mob got those adorable dance moves down so perfectly.

Side note: Is 2013 the year of the adorable Christmas movie reenactment? We’ve had Elf acted out by pug puppies, A Christmas Story acted out on the subway, and now this. I approve.

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