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14 Ellen Interviews From 2013 That Made Us Literally ROTFL

8. Amy Poehler

There are few things Ellen loves more than a good scare video, so when she had Amy Poehler watch them with her, the laughs were pretty much guaranteed.

9. Drake

Like I said, Ellen can get anyone to talk about anything. That includes getting Drake to adorably admit which female stars he has and has not dated. Just get rid of all the lie detectors in the world and replace them with Ellen.

10. Hayden Panettiere

The pubic hair strikes again! This time Hayden revealed that she was having a certain grooming procedure done to her when Ellen’s producer called for the pre-interview. She even went out of her way to recreate the sounds she made on the phone.

11. Chris Pine

I dare you to watch Ellen try to make Chris Pine cry by playing sad music and showing him pictures of puppies and not develop a major crush on him. Go ahead, just try.

12. Kristen Bell 

We all know Kristen Bell loves sloths, and it was on Ellen’s show that she revealed that great video of herself getting excited over one on her birthday. So of course Ellen surprised her by bringing one out during the interview.

13. Jason Biggs

Ellen DeGeneres asked Jason Biggs to take his shirt off and play charades for charity, so clearly he did it. Nobody says no to Ellen, even when partial nudity is involved. NOBODY.

14. Jennifer Aniston

So this one happened backstage as opposed to during an interview, but it’s still hilarious so it has to be included. Jennifer Aniston tried to turn the tables on Ellen and scare her, but of course it didn’t really work.

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  • Olivia Wilson

    That Emma Thompson interview changed my life.