President Obama Pulls An Ellen DeGeneres And Surprises A White House Tour Group

President Obama surprising visitors to the White House December 2013There are a few people in this great nation of ours that we as a people look to for guidance and support, and at the very top of that list…is none other than Ellen DeGeneres, inspiring our nation and its leaders to brilliance with her love of dancing, games, and jumping out at people from behind doors.

And the most recent person to be inspired by our dearest Ellen? President Barack Obama, who sat down for an interview recently with Steve Harvey. And as you know if you’ve ever watched his show (it’s only on for like five hours a day, so try to catch it), Steve can’t sit still for long stretches, so it wasn’t very long before he was up and about and wanting to roam the White House.

And the two of them decided to surprise a tour group, which is adorable, and something I would do all the time if I was ever President. It’s also probably the best argument for me not being President, as I would spend almost zero time on politics and almost 100% of the time hiding inside vases and jumping out when tourists amble by.

But all their reactions are super adorable, like the kid who Obama compliments on his sticky-out ears, and the little girl who says he’s an inspiration. It’s pretty heart warming, even though the President clearly hasn’t mastered the hiding behind doors part. He just stands in front of an open one in plain site. AMATEUR. You have a lot to learn from Ellen, young man.

Also worth watching for the prominent featuring of Steve Harvey’s mustache, which I have placed on my unofficial Most Interesting People Of 2013 list, alongside Taylor Swift‘s cat Meredith, and Manti Te’o. Can’t stop won’t stop being enthralled with all of them at once.

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    • Jill O’Rourke

      “I’ve never been ignored these many times ever.” Really, Steve? You sure about that?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I am almost positive it was his mustache that said that. Otherwise it makes no sense.

      • abbeysbooks

        If Obama is doing this he is even more desperate than I thought. He can’t compete with Ellen. No way.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Well no one can, but isn’t it nice that he’s trying?