Jonah Hill Pranked Leonardo DiCaprio So Hard That He Literally Threw Up

Jonah Hill giving an interview to ET Online December 2013I know a lot of people make issues on movie sets by being being late or hard to work with or whatever, but I think Jonah Hill might take the cake for being so bad at his job that he made his costar literally vomit.

According to this video, Jonah and Leonardo DiCaprio had a scene together for the upcoming Wolf Of Wall Street where they’re eating sushi and sashimi together, and one of Leo’s lines called for him to ask Jonah, ‘Do you want that last piece of sushi?’ And then Jonah is supposed to say yes, and eat it, and the scene is supposed to go on. Except that Jonah took it upon himself to substitute the line ‘No, you take it’ instead, which meant that Leo had to keep eating sashimi every take, over and over and over again. UNTIL HE VOMMED.

“So he had to eat all night, eat pieces of sashimi all night, and then by the end of the night, he was on the floor throwing up into a waste bin. And everybody was like, ‘Are you okay, are you okay?’ And I was laughing hysterically because I thought it was really funny!”

Ummmm…is that really funny? Or is it kind of unprofessional and rude and completely unnecessary? I’d say probably the last three, probably not the first one. I’m all about pranks, but in this case it seems like it not only messed with the script, but messed with your scene partner’s actual health. Because he’s not gonna ruin a whole take just so you get the line right, so he has to be the good sport and keep eating raw fish. Pretty lame.

But it may have also been a weird character thing, because these two spar in the movie. And as Jonah points out, Leonardo is bigger than him, so it made the fights uneven:

“I couldn’t physically get him back, so I had to get him back using my brain.”

I don’t know man. Anything that stops short of vomiting I’m fine with, but this is a little over the edge.

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    • Edward Chamberlin

      “UNTIL HE VOMMED.” Goddamn it, that’s funny. Agreed that Jonah Hill came off as a douche from this (I only read your commentary, but didn’t watch the video itself). It’s one thing if Leo was pranking him first, but this isn’t really even a prank, and certainly not one that requires much brain effort, as Jonah put it.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        From the video, it doesn’t sound like Leo did anything to initiate a prank battle. So yeah, Jonah definitely came off as a douchenozzle.

      • Edward Chamberlin

        Ah, being a douchenozzle….always a fine career choice.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        It’s a lifestyle.

      • Jaywired

        Love it when a dipshit crappy excuse for a writer covers a story they
        know almost nothing about. Backed up of course by the fact that the only
        source material you have is a 4 minute video. PATHETIC. ALEXIS, YOU SUCK. Go back to the high school newspaper.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I don’t think they’d have me!

      • Charlie Sauer

        Holy crap dude. Relax. It’s pretty self explanatory. Jonah pranked Leo, Leo threw up. She believes he went too far. Disagree? Fine but you read the article so she did her job. Now quit being a jerk.

    • Morality Police

      lol i think its funny the writer responds to all the comments on her own article.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        …that’s my job.

    • David

      Lighten up,Its a prank. Joah is use to working with some of hollywoods greatest comady actors so pranks are always involved. Jonah is keeping hollywood fun. Douch…no..that would be the rest of hollywood.

    • happy1ga

      Oh, they prank each other and are close. Leo is pretty much THE KING on sets, esp Scorcese’s, if he said, I don’t want to do this, we will just have to film tomorrow, they would’ve shut the set down and took a loss. It’s bananas, from what my on set buds tell me, there’s only a few that get that treatment.