Jennifer Lawrence Is Officially The Latest Victim Of Unnecessary And Ridiculous Photoshopping

Jennifer Lawrence Photoshop

And the winner of the Most Unnecessary Celebrity Photoshopping award is… Flare magazine for their butchering of Jennifer Lawrence!  I know, I’d never heard of it either – but this Canadian fashion mag proves that extreme and needless Photoshop retouching is an international problem and not just exclusive to vain Americans! Yay!  Just kidding.  Bad, Flare magazine.  Very very bad.

I thought the whole point of Photoshop was to make women feel bad about our weight, height, and overall figure, but I was wrong.  Now we’re supposed to lament the latitude and longitude of our collarbone placement, the color and shape of our hands, and the shadowy outlines cast upon our faces and outfits.

Also, can someone please explain to me what editor made the call to have Jennifer appear older?  Maybe I’m getting mixed up here, but I thought “Hollywood starlets” were supposed to always appear youthfully tucked and pulled and plumped.  Of course teenage actresses are supposed to look 30, but anyone 20+ should look super young, right?  Isn’t that the rule? Because this photo makes 23-year-old Jennifer appear much older.  What’s the point of being a young and carefree age if a magazine is going to slap you on the cover looking like you’re of the age to order the Romy and Michelle “businesswoman special”?  Yes, this magazine is from 2011 but this GIF is from 2013 and Photoshopping is more rampant than ever, so these questions are all relevant.

I hope all women out there–whether you’re young and impressionable or older with a fully-developed complex– realize that the beautiful women in magazines have completely unattainable looks they themselves can’t even attain.  Don’t believe me?  Check out these other celebrity Photoshop victims and see for yourself.

(GIF: Tumblr)

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    • jenley2013

      Guys, this has been talked to death for I’d say around 2 years – which is when the mag was published. Time to move on from the outrage and focus on something else.

      • Kate McGarry

        Sorry, but personally I’ll never stop being outraged that a magazine publisher thought they had to MOVE! HER! COLLARBONE! for her to be sexy. Considering we still see examples of this shoddy Photoshopping, it’s definitely NOT time to move on from this.

      • jenley2013

        I didn’t say move on from the subject of stars being unnecessarily photoshopped, I said move on from this cover already because it’s OLD NEWS.

      • Kate McGarry

        Fair enough, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I think this GIF is a perfect example of why Photoshop needs to be reined in and if that means we need to keep rehashing old covers for publishers to get the message, I’m okay with that.

      • jenley2013

        Yes, only you didn’t write about the phenomenon and brought this GIF as an excellent example, you wrote about Jennifer Lawrence being unnecessarily photoshopped, calling her “officially the latest victim” and that’s wrong.

      • Kate McGarry

        Oh I didn’t write the article! Just a loyal Crushable reader (thanks though!). The headline is definitely incorrect and should probably be fixed (although the article does mention that the magazine is from 2011).

      • Jenni

        I see how the title might be confusing but we did mention that it’s from 2011 in the article. Aannndd the GIF started making the rounds this weekend. As Jennifer Lawrence fans and non-photoshop enthusiasts, we wanted to share.

      • jenley2013

        No problem, but just FYI, I’ve been on Tumblr for a year now – the GIF’s been there ever since (and without a doubt before that). More to it, an Israeli news site posted an article about the same issue with this GIF and her other photoshopped lingerie photo shoot GIF months ago.

      • Tawanda

        Every little bit counts. Help me to
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      • me

        You know that not everybody spends all day looking at photos on the internet, right? Some of us haven’t seen this before. Good for you for having seen it a year ago. Just let it go.

    • Alana

      She is so beauiful without the photoshop! Why on earth would they feel the need to use it?! It shouldn’t be used anyway. smh.

    • KHinsman

      The photoshop artist took about 10 lbs off her waist and belly – not that she needed it. Also smoothed out the shadows under her eyes, again not that she needed it. Something weird going on with her collarbones too.

      • thejaebird

        They also shrunk the size of her hand…LOL. I wish I could see the list of complaints that were followed to do all the edits. Some of this shyt was super excessive.

    • MCR

      The author makes a good point: that even beautiful young women with endless money to spend on perfecting their appearance don’t look good enough to appear on a magazine cover without enhancements.
      I also hate the way many magazines try to erase any features that are distinctive, making all cover models look virtually identical. Because nobody can be beautiful if they don’t look exactly like every other beautiful person.
      I remember a minor debate going on about pictures of celebrities who recently became mothers. Their pictures would be altered to erase all signs that they recently gave birth, ie the protruding abdomen. It made normal postpartum women feel like something was wrong with them. I was pleased with Jules Oliver, who agreed to be photographed right after one of her children were born, only if the magazine agreed not to photoshop her body.

    • Gabrielle Hanson-Moore

      The fact that anyone feels the needs to use that software for anything other than smoothing out wrinkles in an outfit or placing her into a fully believable Black Ops mission snapshot is beyond me. All I have to say is: THEY DIDNT TOUCH HER BOOBS (because some things are even too perfect for photoshop to “improve” upon). I want them for Christmas… Her boobs, not Photoshop.

      • frank ford

        Gabrielle Hanson-Moore is a stupid hoe!

      • Gabrielle Hanson-Moore

        It really is refreshing that people are so original on the interwebz these days. At least call me a shit dick or an ass hat. Your insult is no where near offensive enough for my obviously stupid statement. Remind me what it was again? I’m a stupid hoe so I forget.

      • Peter L Newman Jr.

        That roast though.

    • frank ford

      Cassandra Hough is a stupid slut!

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    • Rona Moan

      They edited the photo to make her look slimmer and fiercer, which I think is not necessary.

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    • Emeri Foxx

      Magazines want to create a different image of their subjects. They are distorting the meaning of real beauty.

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