Adam Levine Thinks He Stopped Being Full Of Himself After High School, How Adorable

Adam Levine Conan interview December 2013

You know when celebrities talk about what they were like in high school and they all say they were hideous losers who had no friends and lived under a bridge and were chased through the streets by angry villagers holding torches because they were such freaks of nature? But then you see a gorgeous photo of them as a teenager or you learn that they actually made homecoming court twice and realize they were just trying to make themselves seem humble? Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine didn’t do that during this interview with Conan O’Brien, which was nice. But that doesn’t mean he told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help him Beyonce.

I’ll give Adam credit for being honest about his teenage self, saying he was “a jerk” who was really into himself and wore a beaded necklace in his yearbook photo. But he’s somehow convinced himself that he’s now a totally changed man who isn’t full of himself at all. He does jokingly say, “Nothing’s changed,” but then immediately afterward he goes all serious and says, “I’m not the same way that I was.” Aww, isn’t he just the cutest little delusional thing?

I bet it’s really fun to live in Adam Levine’s world, where posing naked with your model girlfriend’s hands over your junk or marketing hypocrisy-scented fragrances or unofficially listing your type as “Victoria’s Secret angel” isn’t being full of yourself. What makes this concept of change even sillier is the fact that he looks pretty much the same physically as he does in his high school photo. Throw a necklace on him and shave that consta-stubble and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Check out Adam’s faulty argument below, along with the necklacey photo in question, and then have a good laugh because haha, yeah right, buddy. Whatever you say.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      Adam must spend an enormous amount of time maintaining that constant second-day shave look. (I can just see him sitting in a 100x magnifying mirror snipping stray hairs for hours.)

    • heathergeeksout

      Wow. Somebody’s bitter. I agree that he’s a bit egotistical (which I’ve heard him admit before in other interviews… doesn’t make it OK, but he clearly knows it), but I think it’s kind of charming in some ways (and sometimes it rubs me the wrong way). But who are you to say he wasn’t 10 times worse back in the day? Why do people think it’s OK to beat up on celebrities? Because they have fancy cars, loads of money and hot girlfriends/boyfriends? The nerve of some people to have things we don’t from the money they earned!

      And whether you agree that he was compensated commensurate with the value he brings to your life is irrelevant. The reality is, he gets paid that kind of money because he makes lot’s of money for other people, and that wouldn’t happen if he didn’t have support from a vast number of fans. His millions didn’t just fall into his bank account one day. Anyone who’s got as many projects going as he does (whether or not I think they’re silly), who manages to last this long in a brutal and unforgiving industry, clearly has a good work ethic (and talent) and I think it’s really trashy to bag on someone just because they have things you don’t, which is exactly what this sounds like.

      How about trying to see the good in people instead of constantly trying to tear them down? I mean, have you ever sat down and talked to him? WTF do you really know about him? The trials and tribulations he’s had? And I’m not just talking about him here, I’m talking about celebrities in general. They’re still people and the words you say, true or untrue, based in fact or your own delusion that you know who they are because of a few carefully selected words in an interview, still have the ability to hurt them.

      The reality is, you think it’s OK to say these things because you’re some nobody who’s opinion he doesn’t (celebrities don’t) care about. But if celebrities read enough of this BS on the web, they may start to believe it’s true, which can have disastrous results.

      Even if they never read it, you’re still a hateful, judgmental person, and you’re the one who has to live with that.

      I’m sorry (or maybe I’m not), but I find this kind of trash about any celebrity repulsive and it says more about the person who writes it than the person they’re talking about.

      @otherolivia:disqus I’ve often wondered the same thing! He clearly has way more patience with personal grooming than I do. I don’t think I could date a guy who spent that much time on his appearance (because I want him to spend more time with me), but I’m also too good a cook to date anyone with abs like that… or he wouldn’t have them for long! So I guess it works out. : )