This Mockingjay Announcement Just Proved They Shouldn’t Have Split It Into Two Movies

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen with her bow and arrow Hunger Games 2012I’m a trusting type of gal, so when the Hunger Games people announced that they were splitting the third book, Mockingjay, into two movies I was like, “Ooookay, that seems a little money-grubby, but I guess they know what they’re doing.”

After all, every other young adult book-turned-movie from Harry Potter to Twilight has done exactly the something with the final film in the series, so I figured it was probably just one of those dumb things that people do to fit in. (Like when I got cornrows on a vacation to Mexico in seventh grade, even though those are widely understood to be incredibly stupid-looking on gangly seventh grade girls with sunburned scalps. EVERYONE WAS DOING IT.)

But after mentally making all those excuses for them, we just got proof that the decision to split the book into two movies was completely arbitrary after all. It’s really looking like this was something that they did to make more money, and not in order to be able to tell the story in a more cohesive way or to fit in all the action. It was to increase profits, which wouldn’t be that offensive, except for the fact that that they’re now creating new characters and content to fill the empty space that they created when they made this into two movies.



As proof of that, the newest person added to the franchise is Robert Knepper, previously known for his work on Prison Breakwho will play ‘Antonius’ in Mockingjay 1 and 2. Except as EW pointed out, that’s not a real character from the book. He was created just for the movie for some reason, which makes me suspicious that they’re working on a brand new storyline in addition to the existing one in order to play for time. This might end up being a fun addition, like when they gave us behind-the-scenes looks in the first movie of game-makers scenes that didn’t take place in the book, but unfortunately, my suspicion at this point is that they’re just trying to run out the clock.


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    • Katie

      If they’re working on a new storyline I am 100% on board. I saw keep the bare bones of Mockingjay, but fix what was a really disappointing finale with some excellent writers.

      • Katie


      • Katie

        Exactly. The book seemed to be a whole bunch of exposition with a bunch of really harrowing scenes thrown in. So I’m all for them keeping the basic idea of what happens (REVOLUTION) and making the story more of an actual story.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah I guess that’s a good point, because the original wasn’t great. FINE CHANGE IT WHAT DO I CARE.

      • Jenni

        I hated this ending! It felt so weak and so anticlimatic. I’m also on team CHANGE IT UP!

      • Jena

        ThAts how the book ended. Peasant..

    • elle

      Ah did disqus eat my comment? It’s possible because my tablet has been having issues. Also I have a lot of free time to notice such things because my husband and son are out of town and I took “sick days” and turned my home into a house hotel (anyone watch the league? No just me probably). Anyway yeah Mockingjay was really weird because it felt so long but had like no plot. I really do not understand the point of splitting it into 2 movies-splat I do money grab. I mean it has been a long time since I read it but umSPOILER ALERT it seriously felt like 2/3 of the book was Katniss moping about how they saved her and she wanted nothing to do with the rebellion and did not want to be the face of it. I seriously hate finished it and that ending just was pretty weak I really wish to make it more interesting they had included some chapters from Peetas POV and I wonder if that’s the role Knepper will play? Maybe as Peetas torturer he always seems to play the evil guy. Anyway as much as I love Robert Knepper (seriously cult was surprisingly good and creepy) I’m just getting not that excited about the final movies but I do hope they strengthen the ending.

      • Karen Davis

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    • Maitri

      But T-Bag was deliciously evil. Hopefully he puts some smarmy fun into this movie.

    • Katrina

      If they’re going to expand it perhaps they can focus more on what was going on in the Capitol during everything that Katniss was going through. Her story line was super boring because like other commenters have mentioned, she just moped around about not wanting to be involved.

    • 1000things

      you have to remember that not only was katniss moping around, but she was knocked out most of the time. if the movie were to follow the book 100%, it would be one boring movie! i have to agree with the others, seeing what happens to peeta would be very interesting and might help the audience feel for him more.

    • Lea

      Since they wanted to make more money by splitting a one messed up Mockingjay book into two films, Robert Knepper’s addition is quite interesting. He could be Peeta’s torturer. I agree with the previous comments here that they need to show what’s happening to Peeta in the Capitol as well. It has to be visually explained to the non-book readers for them to grasp how his character would change dramatically.

      If the movie would focus mainly on Katniss plight of being sedated and depressed all the time in underground District 13, that would be one boring monochromatic film to watch. Moviegoers need to see some colors from the Capitol.

    • Cece Gogh

      I don’t think splitting up the thrid book into 2 would be a great idea.

      stick on

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