Kim Kardashian’s First Post-Preggers Bikini Photo Reveals There’s Definitely No Baby In That Body Anymore

Kim Kardashian Bikini Photo Us Weekly

After months and months of waiting for Kim Kardashian to finally reveal her post baby bikini body, she graced us with it on the cover of Us Weekly. “My Body is Back,” the cover says in big bold letters. “That thing that was in me came out through my hooha and made a whole lot of noise and someone took it away and then I stopped eating for a long time and then someone told me I had a child and I was like really, when? Does it have a good body? Is Khloe Mad? Ugh, I bet she’s like so mad at me,” it says in slightly smaller print.

As someone who worried endlessly about the effect that having a baby would have on Kim’s body, this news is just so incredibly welcome. I can’t even begin to tell you how many nights I was wide awake in my bed, worrying that she would never lose that baby weight. “What if she had to succumb to surgery?” I would ask myself as I stared up at the ceiling, “or worse, gimmicks?” We all know there’s nothing worse than gimmicks. Especially for a family as prestigious and gimmick-free as the Kardashians.

Oh wait, maybe I’m thinking gluten-free. Yes, now that I think about it the Kardashians hate gluten and love gimmicks. If you unscrew Bruce Jenner’s earrings, his entire face falls off and just reveals Ryan Seacrest playing in a room full of gimmicks. But still, it would’ve been dreadful if Kim had to expose her body to gimmicks. I mean more than all the other ones she’s had. (Insert sex tape joke here.)

So this holiday season let’s all be grateful that Kim got her body back. And that she can finally slam those fat bullies and get her sweet revenge. Although, elephant in the room, should Kim’s revenge be sweet so soon after she lost all that weight? Is diet revenge an option?

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    • Maitri

      OT but why are the Duck Dynasty people a thing? Why are they in every gossip mag I read these days? And I read 4 every week (yes, I suck).

      • Jenni

        Because #Amurica

    • Guest

      I’m so sad for her. I just don’t get that same “joy” from her that she used to exude.

      • Jenni

        I think her life’s very sad now. It probably hit her when she was pregnant how image-driven her career is. Without her looks, she actually has nothing.

      • abbeysbooks

        Remember when every tabloid had Kate Gosslin on the voer and all the stories were about her. She disappeared didn’t she. The Kardashians will also disappear but they will be rich because they are rich smart.

    • keekee

      trust me a good whore knows how to remain in the spot light no matter how old she gets , she will always be that ho.. at 33 yrs old, still fighting to be accepted in this world is hard work.. and trust me, kim puts herself out there, I do hope that she wont ever believe… its only her with looks and curve…real curve I ment.. look at her closely, she cant smile, her face is sooo tight.. and she has had lipo as well.. who is im trying to fool? beauty is skin deep and natural..i don’t see that when I look at kim..

    • Essa Loux

      I think the photo was fixed by Photoshop.


    • Val Mierh

      This picture is sending a wrong message to a lot of women. I think she should focus on becoming a good mother to her baby than telling the public how hot and sexy she is after she gave birth to baby North.
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