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The 22 Best Responses To Me Writing About Paul Walker’s Underage Girlfriend

PW good 10 ‘Grooming’ is another word I learned, which is the process of establishing an emotional connection with a child or young adult with the express purpose of preparing them for sexual interaction down the line.

PW good 11It’s sad to look back and see the truth of your situation, but a gift to be able to do so with clarity.

PW good 12Many of you realize that a relationship between a 33-year old and a 16-year old can never be equal, no matter what, and I really appreciated that.

PW good 13An intelligent look at victim shaming and another reference to grooming. It’s a real thing, guys.

PW good 14And it’s always good to learn the law of the land, although I still don’t know if Paul and his girlfriend of seven years Jasmine met and dated in California or elsewhere.

PW good 15And whether or not people agreed with me, my goal was to be as objective as possible, so I really appreciated those who felt I achieved that.

PW good 16 (best)I particularly appreciated this exchange between two commenters who started out disagreeing but found a middle ground through respectful discourse and open-mindedness. I thought it was so great, as you can see from the upvotes.

PW good 17 Gross to think about, but important to point out that Paul’s daughter and girlfriend were only seven grades apart.

PW good 18Not a very rewarding back-and-forth, but the upvotes encouraged me that it was a conversation worth having.

PW good 19 Another great point — anyone angry that I’m ‘disrespecting’ Paul’s memory by stating these facts is implicitly admitting that what he did was not okay.

PW good 21If you come of age in a relationship, it can be incredibly difficult to figure out how you really feel about it.

PW good 23 Some commenters defended me to others when I got too overwhelmed and gave up defending myself.

PW good 24And some were just as disgusted as I was but sassier and funnier about it.

PW good 25Also yeah, super weird that people were cursing my name and going to the end of the earth to defend someone that they’d never met and knew exactly the same amount about as I did. Pretty out of control.

PW bad good 22

And finally, this. Thanks for the support and encouragement, guys. You’re great.

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  • hbk72777

    His girlfriends love him because he’s “hot”

  • http://www.straight-or-gay.com/ John Hollywood

    I think you were doing what you were doing because it was newsworthy. One can still be a fan of Paul Walker and love him as a person and explore items that hit the news. While some may have had an issue with blogging on this and the timing, I personally think that it was important to cover. The news about the 16 year old girls was only starting to get attention in the days following his death. While much of what came out was muddled, there were several facts that proved to be true – such as the relationship with Jennifer P-G.

    And your post got lots of attention. I followed it when it all went down and sat back and watched the commentary. Interesting stuff and thumbs up!

    John Hollywood