Hold Onto Your Butts 1D Fans, Because Harry Styles May Leave The Band In 2014

Harry Styles attending the London Fashion Awards December 2013Okay I’ve bought grocery provisions, taped my windows, sold all my possessions, and written a living will, so I guess all that’s left to do is just tell you the bad news — Harry Styles might be leaving One Direction.

You might say I’m crazy for going to all those lengths before we even got official confirmation on this, but I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s any such thing as an overreaction to this news. If anything, I’m underreacting, because this is just the worst. Just days after filling my soul with glee with the rumor that the band might get their own reality show together, I’m now hearing that there might not even be a band anymore, because Harry’s gonna bust out on his own now that Midnight Memories is out and kicking ass.

“Harry really wants to record his own stuff and put out in album now that this one is done. Trust me, he’s going to do it.”

I do! I do trust you, anonymous source speaking to Hollywood Life! I’ve never trusted anyone more in my life! Especially after they tell me that Harry stayed at a different hotel than the rest of the guys when they were in New York City for Saturday Night Live last weekend and that he might leave the band as soon as 2014. WHAT. That’s next year, Harry! That’s twenty-one days from now, at the earliest! What new devilry is this?

You promised me that nothing would ever change and things would always stay the same and that even though you’re knee-deep in fakelationships right now, one day you and I can be together and live in a big house with all your bandmates and grow old together!

These are all real things that you promised me, Harry, don’t you remember? Well regardless, tell your rep to quit denying that you’re gonna start working on a solo album, because it won’t stop me from putting my apartment on eBay. There, I did it. Now I’m officially ready for the 1D apocalypse that we all know is coming.

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    • PoppeFlower

      Harry has denied this so many times. There is no way. He loves the boys too much. He ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS says he’s in the band 100%. There is no way this is true. If you know Harry’s personality, you’ll agree with me when you look at how much all five of those boys love each other. Stop trying to create drama and spreading bogus rumors.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        But what if he’s lying to us, PoppeFlower???

      • PoppeFlower

        Then he would lose all respect from his fans and his solo career would go down hill fast.

      • Directioner

        Thank god! At least someone on here is thinking like me! I posted something earlier a few ago, saying the same thing, but longer giving details from interviews and ect… :) I think we know what we’re talking about here.

    • Daisy

      I would actually pay attention if the source was anything but HollywoodLife. But well, that band will break up one day, right? My bet is 2016.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        They must never break up!

    • Katie

      I know you are being sarcastic mostly. But I think you also feel a little bit apprehensive that it might be true. Because what if he left? WHAT IF?

    • Jen


    • blancabelle

      Harry seems so humble, kind, and sensive.. all “those little things” in addition to his talent that add up to who he is. But it is the chemistry and camaraderie of this band that make them so popular.Hope he rethinks this, as there will likely be no going back. It would be sorta disrespectful to his mates.. he didn’t get this far alone. Also.. Kendall Jenner.If Harry doesn’t see thru this girl and her piranha mama… I will be disappointed. He said recently said he can tell the differwnce in a female who genuinely.cares for him as opposed to one who is using him to advance her career and no one craves attention more rhan the kartrashians. Anyone one else, Harry
      He listens to his mum..start talking, Anne

    • whatever

      calm down guys he actually said he will stay and he’s gonna get right back to making music with zayn, liam, louis, and niall; he just wants to make a solo album

    • Anna

      This is probably not true, plus the boys have a contract that lasts until 2016. But I have to admit that while I was reading that I started crying and I had a spaz attack pretty much…

    • Hannah

      would you all please stfu harry isnt leaving the band, this is all publicity crap. THEY HAVE CONCERTS SCHEDULED FOR 2015 SO HE’S NOT LEAVING. give me some damn proof cuz I don’t believe a word you say

      • Johnathan

        woah calm your tits. So he leaves or doesn’t no need to loose your shit over a gossip site.

    • Angel

      are you kidding me right now probably the times this stuff has been denied is as much as larry has been. Yeah uh millions of people already paid to see WWA in 2014 and they paid and fought for tix to see 1d, not just louis, zayn, niall, and liam. Get your head your ass media and show us logical proof instead, harry is nothing without the other 4 and he knows it and so do the fans.

    • finnish Girl

      Noo harryyyy… u just made me cryyy.
      Dont leave us and band ! Relly wish this is shit

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    • Directioner

      If I do recall correctly Harry said that he would rather die in the band than not be in the band at all. He said he couldn’t imagine being in a hotel room alone without the mates and that going on stage by himself wouldn’t work for him. He also said in an interview with Niall that life after One Direction he isn’t going SOLO or ACTING, he said he just isn’t cut out for doing that stuff. So there you have it, he isn’t leaving the band and another thing, listen to Harry’s part on Don’t Forget Where You Belong. His line reads: “It feels like I’m dreaming, so I know I know I know that I’m never leaving, no I wouldn’t go” So I’m pretty sure he isn’t leaving the band:)

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