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Leave It To Ellen DeGeneres To Make Her Own Eye Infection Hilarious

Ellen DeGeneres wearing a fashion patch for her stye December 2013I have learned many important things already this day, but two of the most important are that I’m not the only person who checks WebMD instead of going to the doctor and that Ellen DeGeneres is super legit.

The WebMD thing speaks for itself, but I’ll explain the super legit thing, in case her being an interview wizard and calling out Adam Levine on being a hypocrite isn’t enough to convince you. Ellen woke up yesterday with a stye, which is a painful, irritating infection on the eyelid. Unless you mess with them, they resolve on their own after a week or so, but while you have them, you can have symptoms ranging from a burning sensation to redness to light sensitivity to tearing up to droopiness of the lid to blurred vision and beyond. In essence, nothing that you’d want to be dealing with while filming a show in front of a live audience.

But Ellen is a total pro, because she showed up to film her show anyway, and was really up-front with the audience about what was going on. Not that she really had a choice, given that she was only wearing makeup on one side of her face due to sensitivity, but still! I love that she not only showed up, but also called herself out. She actually does her whole monologue about it, and Ellen is officially the only person who has ever made me laugh about something as gross as an eye infection, which is pretty great.

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Oh and she also created something that she’s calling a ‘fashion patch’ or ‘fatch’, which is an eye patch with her own eye on it that I need immediately because it makes you look hilarious. It’s the best. She should make a thousand of them and I will buy them all.

…or maybe that’s a little excessive. I’m just feeling so magnanimous now that I know not to sleep face down on a pile of damp twigs anymore.

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