Harry Styles Is So Much Better Than His Fakelationships, So What Gives?

Harry Styles topless tattoos


As you probably read on the front page of every major newspaper this weekend, One Direction’s Harry Styles got spotted coming out of a hotel with Kendall Jenner. The same Kendall Jenner who watched him perform on Saturday Night Live backstage and the same Kendall Jenner who ate dinner with him at a restaurant one night. Naturally everyone out there’s doing the math and coming to the conclusion that they’re dating. But I would recommend that everyone might want to hold their horses on this relationship. After all, odds are pretty high that it’s a fakelationship. A PR stunt. A set-up to get both of them more publicity.

Which makes sense for aspiring celebutante Kendall Jenner. She requires at least three headlines a day to live to see the next. Or to attend the celebrity cotillion behind held on New Year’s Eve. I can’t quite remember which it was. Either way, this is just the start of an illustrious career for her, one that’s just full of fakelationships. She’ll fondly remember this one in the same way that a normal girl remembers her first kiss.

But Harry Styles? He’s arguably one of the most popular men in the world right now. So why does he need the publicity? I mean, I know that Midnight Memories just dropped and that One Direction wants to sell it as hard as possible. But considering that they’e One Direction, I don’t really see how this fits into their PR strategy. Have each of the boys tweet out a message along the lines of “please help us by buying two Midnight Memories each” and they would double their sales. I just really can’t wrap my heard around the idea that they need this kind of added publicity to drum up sales. Or that it’s even good for them in the long run. There’s a difference between making Harry their token bad boy and making him date a D-list reality star who everyone knows will do anything to be famous.

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    • My View

      Don’t think this is publicity to sell a DVDs. It’s “Harry Styles’ promo”. If Harry Styles appears to be ‘single’ for too long (aka mooching along with a ton of wispy ‘story’ girlfriends in the papers that nobody ever sees him with) then, boo hoo, the gay gossip begins and you all know how his people hate that, even though he himself encourages fans to think it and does really sweet, camp things.
      I don’t know for sure what his sexuality is (I personally think he’s at least bi) but I believe he is the ONE that his team is petrified of it coming out that he’s not what they’ve spun him to be (a ladykiller) because a lot of money, jobs, contracts, sponsorships and other big business things are riding on Harry being ‘accessible’ to just females. It’s truly tragic. Any girl seen with him gets instant PR so it’s a win-win for both teams PR. I might be wrong but I don’t think I’m that far wrong. Imo this has always been about someone’s fear of him being seen as not entirely straight imo. Which is just ridiculous. I love him for how fruity he is! That’s the irony of all this PR waste of time. If he wasn’t so fruity and camp, he wouldn’t be Harry!

    • whatever.

      “Harry Styles Is So Much Better Than His Fakelationships” Amen to that!

    • lizzie

      Pretty sure its his team’s desperate need to hide his love of d*ck, thats driving the PR campaign. Same exact story, same exact time every year, for the past three years. Link him to ramdoms all year long, then drive it home at album time with just the right candidate to get everyone talking. Classic cover up strategy and pretty much the basis for every 100 level marketing class.

    • Sarah Smith

      He’s gay. His “team” (I use quotes because they do not have his best interests in mind) is full of old-fashioned idiots. I’m assuming december is written into his contract. Messed up stuff…

      • xxdiscoxxheaven

        He is just so NOT attractive at all!! ICK!

    • Guest

      this is true, but think about it , we will never know what kind of deals are going on behind close doors so we can only speculate. There are no pictures of the gay bar outing and there are no pictures of the London setup. They could be playing the press last week paps said he walked in the hotel and walked right out the back. DO we know if she was even in London look at the time it takes to fly from LA to London and back come on. Its a big game I suggest you don’t try to figure it out too much. If Harry is gay he doesn’t seem to be hiding it really , so who knows what is happening. This wealth and fame thing is really like selling your soul to the devil isn’t it and maybe he has to play it .

    • Tiffany

      Whether or not you believe that Harry is gay, it is clear that he isn’t concerned about his sexuality. Back in the X Factor days, when the group was just starting and a lot of publicity wasn’t on them, it was clear that he’s close to his group members: whether it be romantically or in a friendship way. Especially in the US, if you see two guys holding hands or hugging or something of the sort, it’s considered to be gay. And 1D’s main demographic is girls.
      As a Directioner myself, what they’ve been trying to market to us is the idea that we have a chance with them. Especially in interviews, the interviewers ask stuff like “What do you like in a girl?” “What turns you off in a girl?” They made a perfume. A perfume! Who buys that? Girls. They are selling the idea that if we buy this product, 1D will love us forever and then we have a chance with them. We’re supporting them, right?
      Harry’s been the one in the media from day one, even if he doesn’t have the best voice in the group. He’s the cheeky one, the flirtatious one: compared to the other boys, he’s the most marketable. Management (which by the way, hasn’t proved itself to be quite good, as fans have been able to see through their terrible foresight and planning) has been trying to promote his image as the lothario, the ladies man. He’s been “linked” to several women in the course of this Jennetyles saga. Even the media outlets don’t know which stories to believe!
      It’s album promo time, and Kendall certainly comes from a media-loving family, so I could see why their management team put together this “romance”. December? Really? It’s literally the third time this has happened in their 3 years of being a group. Next December, I’m just going to go out there and say that he’ll be in another “relationship” with another girl looking for publicity.
      Even the fans who say that Larry isn’t real, who love the idea of Zayn and Perrie Edwards (signed to Syco to another girl group who’s not doing too well compared to 1D), who love Eleanor to bits (even though the pieces of her story aren’t lining up) can tell from a mile away and tell that this is very fake. But why is Modest doing it?
      Honestly, their management team seriously underestimates their fans and the fanbase that surrounds 1D: we’re not all stupid teenage girls who buy anything with 1D’s face on it, who will tweet #preordermidnightmemories for hours to get it to trend worldwide to unlock a 30 second sample of a song we already leaked: we have two eyes. Modest is clearly lacking their brains.

    • You don’t know us.

      Harry need all this PR stunt to cover the fact he is gay with Louis Tomlinson, that’s all. Their management thinks that if they come out, fangirls won’t buy their albums and merch anymore (which is false), so they hide them

    • Jen

      I say give him a normal girl!

      • Sarah

        I guess I could take him…

    • Shaniqua

      Finally someone who understands

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