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The 26 Worst Responses To Me Writing About Paul Walker’s Underage Girlfriend

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PW bad 12Oh and pretty much EVERYONE tried to insist that maybe they didn’t have sex when she was 16 because ‘sex and dating don’t go hand in hand’. How silly of me to assume that they might not have anything in common other than sex when she was 16 and he was 33.

PW bad 13Another reminder that handsome, wealthy, self-sufficient people who donate to charity cannot be guilty of crimes.

PW bad 14 (man of sin)This guy was very active, with many arguments about emotional maturity in teenagers and a worrying knowledge of the age of consent in every state, off the top of his head. Yeesh.

PW bad 15Everyone was in agreement that even if you could say no to Paul Walker, nobody would. Which I kind of feel like proves my point that it was predatory, but whatever.

PW bad 16It’s also disappointing to discover that apparently the window on ‘caring about this’ closed in 2006, even though their relationship continued until 2013.

PW bad 17This is a lot.

PW bad 18 A surprising amount of people took issue with my own attractiveness or lack thereof, because apparently it’s a crucial part of the issue.

PW bad 19And don’t forget to take your life lessons from Game Of Thrones.

PW bad 20 Always nice to get threats of violence from someone who brags about being a parent in the same breath.

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PW bad 21 I forgot that my opinions are worthless because I have a vagina.

PW bad 22

…and that I’m a brainwashed sheep because I could just travel to other countries have sex with children there and I don’t!

PW bad 23 Victim-blaming is still a thing, which is great.

PW bad 24 More advice from 18-year olds who are dating men thirty-four years their senior.

PW bad 25 Don’t forget that no matter what the situation, she was lucky to get a piece of that.

PW bad 26And in fact, every woman is lucky to get a piece of anything because we are being steadily outnumbered by women skinnier and prettier than us.

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PW bad 27And finally, someone shines a spotlight where it belongs — on the notorious criminal teenagers lying about their age in order to date famous people. It’s a dangerous epidemic, just like voter fraud.

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  • thisshitsforeal

    My ex (who I have to deal with because we have a child together) is in his late 30s and the average age of his sexual partners seems to get lower with each passing year. He won’t go below 18 – for now – because of the legality issue. This is because he’s an emotionally immature asshole and women with more dating and life experience under their belt are waaaaaay less prone to put up with his bs. But younger ladies don’t realize what a loser he is – they are flattered that an older man is interested in them because they assume it is evidence of their great maturity (as the writer of the article says in relation to her 16-year-old self). This is especially true because my ex is a very good looking guy with an annoyingly nice body so his teenage conquests assume that he could have his pick of partners, making the fact that he’s chosen to be with them extra special. (Those same people would almost certainly see him as a gross creep if he were ugly and/or out of shape.)
    Sure, Paul Walker should have been able to attract any woman he wanted – in my eyes, that makes the fact that he entered into 2 separate relationships (as an adult) with two different 16 year old girls MORE disturbing, not less.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Absolutely agreed. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rachel Durbin

    My issue is why didn’t this get posted before he died. Why downgrade and talk shit about a man after his death. Do I think he should have waited til she was 18 sure. But who cares their families were ok. In most states if you have a parents signature you can be and marry whoever you want. You are only hurting their families by posting this. I hope you feel good hurting mourning people and his 16 year old DAUGHTER….. you are a piece of crap in my eyes. Your deal you had when you were 16 had nothing to do with what they had..Stop hurting people that are die and get a real life and write about people that are alive that can defend themselves. GROW UP PEOPLE.

  • Malcolm Heard

    My penis is black and it likes pink pu-tang

  • badmoodpixie

    wow, you’re getting a lot of material out of this, aren’t you? the fact that you have used your initial article as a segue into multiple others, of which two are comprised mainly of other peoples’ words is certainly impressive. you’re using a man’s death to gain publicity for something you consider enough of an issue to trash a dead man who had been in a long-term consensual relationship, but not enough of an issue to have ever pursued charges against the man with whom you had a relationship that you later decided was unhealthy for you. please stop. this seems like nothing more than a bid for attention, and you could get it in more positive and productive ways if you weren’t trying to capitalize on the death of a celebrity about whom you know nothing more than what’s been published in media.

  • Man_Of_Sin

    I like how you didn’t even attempt to explain why my comment was bad. Just that I was knowledgable.

  • Steven P Chiolan

    It’s Surprising to see so many people justifying this relationship and absolving him of any wrong doing, whether morally or legally, just because he is deceased. It’s never stopped anyone before, so why is Paul Walker special?

  • KevMo

    There’s illegal and there’s wrong. I believe that making something illegal should be a really big deal – something that goes beyond what is considered acceptable in any circumstances by society. But that leaves a wide grey area of things that may be legal, but are still scummy.

    Do I think it should be legal for a 16-year-old to have a sexual relationship with an adult? Maybe… certainly with an 18-year-old, and probably with a ~22 year old. Her having a relationship with a 33 year old is really pushing the boundaries though.

    A lot of the laws about relationships of this nature need to be re-vamped. For example, in California, it’s illegal for two 16-year-olds to have sex with each other. Not that I’d be happy about my daughter having sex at that age, but illegal??? As in, someone will go to JAIL for this, and possibly be labeled a sex offender? Also – we use the same term – “rape” to describe these consensual relationships as we do for forcible rape. While the concept is that there are some who are too young to give consent – it’s NOT the same crime.

    My personal opinion is that this is no scuzzier than Hugh Heffner marrying a new 18-year-old girl every few years. Not something I approve of. Not on the order of Hitler and concentration camps. And not something I’d mention in the wake of his death. But I have no problem with someone who feels strongly about it and wants to raise the issue. -Kevin

  • WTFdidIjustRead

    I’ve never seen a writer stoop to this level before… Reading through every comment and writing a separate article to tell off everyone that disagreed with her first opinion piece. Really Bizarre.

  • qweerdo

    Good for you in pointing this out. Over and over if you have to. There’s a lot of growing up done between 16 and 18. And 33, rich, famous, and good looking is a helluva power imbalance when compared to a 16 year old. It’s possible it was legal but that doesn’t make it right. And the fact that it was an apparent pattern just ups the creep factor.

    I’m sorry he’s dead. I was sad. But I’m even sadder that he was so hopelessly human.

  • The blazer

    You’re still a bitter person. He’s dead and it was her choice to date him. I guarantee if he wasn’t famous and rich she wouldn’t have dated him. Trash her….he’s dead

  • LateToTheParty

    I had boobs when I was 8, and when I was 12 I already had DD’s. So would it them be my boobs fault if someone older had groomed me and dated me when I was that young? Wow.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I know. It’s scary stuff.

  • Cynthia Avishegnath

    I like the palms2face memes.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Haha, thank you!

  • Chantay Garcia

    Their right Paul wasn’t a pedophile. He was into Ephebophilia. Which is someone who likes having sexual relations with teens.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I agree, as I’ve stated in the comment section of multiple posts.