Kelly Clarkson Addresses Cheating Rumors, Guilt Trips Everyone Into Shutting Up

Kelly Clarkson receiving an award at the CMAs November 2013

I can pinpoint the origin of my obsession with pop culture back to the days of standing in grocery store lines, reading crazy headlines about celebrities and Elvis being reincarnated as an alien.  Luckily, my parents are boring, old, non-famous lame-os so I never had to read about their alleged marital strife while waiting for them to pay for my Honey Nut Cheerios.  As my parents actually did kind of have a tumultuous marriage, I am thankful for this small reprieve.  I couldn’t imagine being the child of celebrities and having to deal with that kind of stuff – it’s basically the only reason the E! True Hollywood Story exists.

Unfortunately, the young step-children of Kelly Clarkson aren’t as lucky.  Which sucks.  Almost as much as being a newlywed of less than two months and a mom-to-be, hearing about your husband possibly “hooking up” with some rando.  Whomp.  The good news is that we don’t know if these allegations are true (I’m erring on the side of NOT), but the bad news is that the kids in this situation have been exposed to the hurt these kind of rumors cause:


I don’t know about you, but that made me feel bad and I’ve fanned not even one small, tiny flame of this rumor!  I genuinely like Kelly (when she’s not denouncing feminism) and as someone who will be a newlywed in six short weeks, I feel terrible that all of this hullabaloo is happening during what should be an incredibly happy time for her.  But then I remember she’s super rich and talented and it’ll all blow over soon, and then I don’t feeeeeel sooooo baaaaddd (Too. Much. Sound of Music.)

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    • Dominique

      *** she’s already a newlywed

      • Stacey Judith

        I think she was talking about her own wedding.. Hope I’m not wrong, but that’s how I read it!

      • Dominique

        Ahh yes. You’re probably right.

    • Stacey Judith

      I take it you’re getting married in 6 weeks (and weren’t referring to Kelly Clarkson’s wedding as Dominique thinks) Hope your wedding goes off well, congratulations and good luck ;)

    • MCR

      A recurring theme in your usually funny and entertaining site is that ethics involving privacy invasion and libel don’t count if they’re aimed at people who are rich. Apparently that even includes rich children. I’d like to see you explore this position.

      • Hilllll

        Agreed! Guess she agrees money buys happiness? Odd :s

    • Rian Penn

      These rumors are not helping her condition.

    • Hilllll

      She’s straight up no manipulation used.

      Btw her crazy stalker was posting this news so that is why she was this po’d

      And while she denounced the label she is feminist just prefers without the negative connotations pretty sure Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood both said something similar in the man v woman all these girls think it should be equal which is the real meaning behind the term!