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Someone Saw Nelson Mandela’s Death As An Opportunity To Make Paris Hilton Look Like A Twitter Idiot

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Former South African president Nelson Mandela passed away yesterday at age 95. While some people took to Twitter to share inspirational quotes from Mandela or to just express their sadness and condolences, it looks like somebody was using the death as an opportunity to make a celebrity look like an idiot. That celebrity is Paris Hilton, who says she was the victim of a Twitter hoax.

A screencap of a tweet supposedly sent by Paris Hilton was passed around Twitter after Mandela’s death. As pointed out in the comments, it was reportedly created by a Twitter account called @DeletedTweets. And as you can see below, it looks like Paris is confusing Nelson Mandela with Martin Luther King, Jr.

Fake Paris Hilton tweet causes a stir online

Obviously people jumped at the opportunity to mock this famously ditzy celebrity for being an idiot. But the tweet was soon debunked as a hoax, with Paris’s spokesperson telling The Daily Mail, “It’s fake. She was on a flight to Miami when it supposedly happened.” Paris herself also fired back on Twitter, sharing more articulate thoughts about Mandela’s death and calling out the person who forged the tweet for lacking respect.

Of course, it might be tempting to suspect that the tweet was real and Paris is just trying to save face after an embarrassing mistake. It’s certainly easier to believe than if the tweet had been from, say, Anderson Cooper. But just consider how many Internet hoaxes we’ve witnessed. From Jimmy Kimmel’s twerk fail video to Elan Gale’s fake “Diane in 7A” feud, you can never really believe anything you see online these days.

Is this really what the world has come to? A legendary man dies and instead of paying respect we jump to making celebrities totally unrelated to him look like idiots and then passing it around to laugh at? Talk about disrespecting the gravity of the news at hand.

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  • Kate McGarry

    The tweet was posted by @DeletedTweets (now deactivated) which posts fake tweets that they pretend celebs have posted, regretted, and deleted. Most of them were funny, but of course they were in vastly more appropriate contexts. This one was in insanely poor taste though.

    • Jill O’Rourke

      Thanks for pointing that out. So inappropriate.

    • Kate McGarry

      Oops, just reread and saw that you also pointed it out – sorry to be repetitive!

    • Jill O’Rourke

      Not at all, I should have specified that I added that info after you pointed it out. So thanks.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      Tsk tsk tsk. So inappropriate. Lifts her teacup, sticks out her little pinky finger and takes a delicate ladylike sip.

    • http://twitter.com/bomyuri_ Atheist_S<3NE

      lol miley cyrus takes the cake when it comes to tweeting…does not see catching fire because she does not want to see her fucking ex for 2 hours

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      Great reply. And funny. Miley rules.

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