• Fri, Dec 6 - 3:31 pm ET

The 25 Most WTF Moments From Ke$ha’s Instagram (NSFW)


This was a “battle wound from Paris show.” A band-aid would probably be more helpful than Instagram.

Where do I even begin with this?

Be careful with that.

Apparently Ke$ha’s assistant “lost her marbles” and would not take this off. I guess she’s just a unicorn now.

This was for her “last episode party” for what I assume was her reality show.

Something’s not right here.

Ke$ha did the work for us and captioned this “wtf is going on.”

I guess face bags are the new space bags?

Please excuse me, I have to go vom.

Can you tell yet what Ke$ha’s favorite thing is?

In case you needed one more clue.

And another.

(Photos: Instagram)

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