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The Pros And Cons Of Dating Buddy The Elf

PRO: He’s going to inherit a whole lot of money from his rich father.

Elf Buddy What's Your Favorite Color


Don’t sit there and pretend like you don’t like money.

CON: But first he has to work through some major daddy issues

elf sorry i shoved cookies in the vcr


But how much of that money will go toward his therapy? First the guy finds out that he’s adopted. Then he gets kicked out of the only home he knows. Which is followed up by an incredibly upsetting reunion with his biological father.

PRO: He’ll do whatever he’s asked to do

Elf jack in a box will ferrell


Give him a project and it’ll get it done. Maybe you need him to call the cable company while you’re at work. Or perhaps you’d like him to build an Ikea dresser. Either way, he’s on it.

CON: But only because he’s pretty ignorant.

Elf Buddy Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins


But he’ll only get it done because he’s too stupid to say no. Or to ask for help. Or to read the directions. Can Buddy read?

PRO: He’s very good at decorating for Christmas

Elf Buddy Jumping On Christmas Tree


This skill’s far more rare than you could ever imagine.

CON: He takes the Christmas decorations too far

Elf Buddy Looks Like A Christmas Tree


While you’ll certainly finding his holiday spirit charming, it will begin to wear on you when you realize it’s a year-round thing for him.

PRO: He loves activities

Elf Buddy Crossing The Street


He will not be the kind of boyfriend who wants to sit around all day playing video games.

CON: But his activities are usually geared toward a feral child

Elf Buddy Snow Angels


While it’s refreshing to meeting someone who wants to do something on the weekends, it’s definitely troublesome that his to-do list usually seems designed for a small child.

PRO: He’s not embarrassed to talk about his feelings in public

Elf Buddy I'm In Love


He’ll come right out and tell you how he feels. Also everyone else.

CON: However he has some major boundary issues when it comes to new relationships

Elf Jovi Side Eye


 He’s unfortunately also not embarrassed to sneak in on you when you’re showering. Like seriously, he’ll show no shame when you catch him.

So in conclusion, I would date him. Casually. And only in December when his outfit fit in a little bit more.



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