Hate To Break It To You, But Paul Walker May Have Dated More Than One 16-Year Old

Paul Walker attending the premiere of Fast Six May 2013

UPDATE: In case anyone was worried that I’m not getting enough feedabck for writing about this, I’ve received over 1,200 responses. Here are some of the angriest ones, and here are some of the most encouraging and supportive.

I’m already anticipating the flood of comments calling me a terrible person for pointing this out, but I have some bad news for you guys — instead of it being a one-time situation, it’s starting to seem like Paul Walker may actually have had a history of dating underage girls. The comments haven’t even finished pouring in from people who are furious at me for ‘disrespecting Paul’s memory’ with my last post, but already we’ve found more information to suggest that his girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell was not the first sixteen-year old that Paul dated as an adult.

A lot of very vocal people have insisted that the fact that Paul allegedly began dating Jasmine when he was thirty-three and she was sixteen is okay, based on the fact that they were together for seven years, which proves that their union was based on love and mutual respect, and age is just a number and blah blah blah. I don’t get on board with any of that, because I feel that a teenager is a child and a thirty-something is an adult (a belief in which I’m backed up by the law in many states), but I’m admittedly biased based on my own experience with an older man when I was sixteen, and the perspective I’ve gained since.

I would be interested, however, to hear what those same people defending Paul would have to say about a second relationship of his that has emerged, with a woman named Aubrianna Atwell. According to an interview that she herself gave to the Las Vegas Sun after the actor’s untimely death, she is twenty-eight, and met Paul twelve years ago when she was in modeling school. The two then went on to date:

“I met him at the Hollywood Canteen with a bunch of friends. We just became friends and ended up in a relationship. We have been in each other’s lives ever since.”

Think about the math there, for a second. Twelve years ago would have been 2001, when Paul was twenty-eight and Aubrianna was…yup, sixteen. She doesn’t mention the specific date that their romantic involvement began, but it is disconcerting to learn that they began a relationship while she was underage, later going on to date intermittently and even living together in Santa Monica and Santa Barbara.

And since Paul allegedly met and started dating Jasmine seven years ago (in 2006), this all would’ve had to happen in a five year period, between 2001 and 2006, years spanning ages sixteen to twenty-one in Aubrianna’s life and twenty-eight to thirty-two in Paul’s. We can’t know for certain when their interactions turned sexual, but the Sun has a photo of them on vacation together in Prague in 2004, when Aubrianna would have been nineteen, so it’s safe to assume it was before that point.

Bottom line –  if this is true, it constitutes a disturbing pattern of Paul Walker seeking out underage girls for romantic relationships at multiple points in his life, and I don’t understand why more people aren’t indignant about that. I understand that the timing of these revelations is uncomfortable, but it’s never going to be an appropriate time to discuss this potential pattern of dating underage girls, right? Because if it’s true, it’s Paul’s behavior in itself that was inappropriate.

Nothing I’ve said here lessens the tragedy of his death in any capacity, but it’s unacceptable for Paul’s alleged actions to be swept under the rug just because he was a talented, attractive actor. If there were allegations of a less famous person being romantically involved with one sixteen-year old girl when he was twenty-eight, and another when he was thirty-three, I suspect this situation would be treated very differently.

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    • MeggyMoo21

      Yeah I don’t know why people are getting upset, you’re right. It’s weird and creepy and while of course his death was terrible, his behaviour while alive is all kinds of wrong. I had no idea because I haven’t seen the movies or anything. YIkes.

    • andy

      The age of consent in California is 16. Neither was underage.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Are you positive that’s where they began their relationship? And if so, please cite a link.

    • April Breck

      Yeah, it’s gross. Apparently legal, at least in California, but still gross.

    • t.j.

      men are attracted to young women…and young women are attracted to successful men…successful men are usually older…its the way of the world..biology…its been happening for all human existence….and will continue until the end of time…get over it society

    • Zaina777

      Alexis, another thing too. You may say that he was a pedophile but he really wasn’t. Do you honestly think he would have called her the one if he truly was a horrible person. I truly believe that woman his age were always flirtatious and only liked him for his looks that’s why he went younger than his age. Also, no matter how much money or how charming or good looking he was someone has the right to say no.

      Two people:

      Doug Hutchinson is a predator not just because he looks the part but it is because he acts it also. Courtney Stooden doesn’t look sane nor does she act sane. The girl looks like she is heavily medicated. They used each other and she looks like a bimbo.

      Paul Walker may not have looked the part but he didn’t act that way either. Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell looked like an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. She looks sane and in denial that Paul is really gone.

      In your heart do you honestly think that if Paul Walker was a pedophile or a predator that he would be recieving ao much grief from her now and he wanted to marry her.

      A pedophile comes and goes. Where as Paul Walker stayed with her for more than seven years. If in fact he was after her for lust and sex. She would have come and gone in his life and he wouldn’t give a damn.

      You are talking about two different men with your story and Paul’s. With your story first of all you had an older man and he was 24 he was still a kid himself looking for lust and sex from you. You also obliged thinking you would look cool with an older man in front of your friends not thinking about the reprecussions.

      Paul Walker was a grown attractive man who was 33 looking for real love as opposed to just lust and sex. Woman went after him he didn’t pursue him. It must have been really annoying for him to have to go anywhere and be Paul Walker the sexiest guy in the world as opposed to Paul Walker the real man with real feelings who just happend to be very attractive.
      He even said on numerous occasions that he wasn’t into that stuff the way he acted and the way his mannerisms were showed exactly what kinda man he was. He didn’t care if any actress or attractive female was into him romantically.

      He would have never used his looks to get a girl no matter how old. He was attractive

      because he didn’t force his sexiness it was just there naturally. He was born hot.

      No offense, just because at sixteen you were naive and stupid enough to fall for a sleaze bags charm and you yourself were desperate for attention doesn’t mean every sixteen year old girl or every relationship is like that. Clearly, a lot of girls are smarter than you ever were at that age even now.

      You could have made one article about him covering all of this but you chose to make like five about him. It is all for attention. You probably wanted to end the saint talk about Paul. He was no saint but in comparison to other celebrites he was.

      Also, whenever people advise you to speak out on other underage relationships you don’t reply. You can’t do that just because Paul was attractive and charming doesn’t mean he was a predator. You are the real predator here going after an innocent dead man. Paul is and was a great man. I would rather date him over Chris Brown, Justin Bieber or even George Clooney. He was a gentleman and he always treated ladies with respect and kindness.

      Just because Alexis Rihannon was a foolish teenager doesn’t mean Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell or any other girl for that matter is.

      Move on or make a real change.

      You aren’t a real journalist if you can’t put your personal life behind when you are doing your job.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Nowhere have a called him a pedophile. If anything he’s a ephebophile, a group of people typically interested in adolescents aged 15-19.

      • Zaina777

        I wouldn’t even classify him as that either. I truly think his was young at hear which made him forget that he was a little bit older than her. I believe a pedophile or and ephebophile is someone who has the intent on luring or dating young girls/ With Paul I think it was just luck for him that he found her. I think he was sick of people liking him for his looks and not his real life. He was a good man with good intentions. I really don’t think used his looks or used his money to get to her. I think the coupling was odd at first. However, you are making it seem like it was his intent to have sex with her because she was young. He dated older woman too, you know. Personally, I think if the parents gave her consent and seeing as how she looks mature for her age, I really don’t think they were dating like how a creep would date a younger girl…come one they aren’t Doug and Courtney. They were an adorable couple in my opinion and I really wish they had the chance to get married. If they seem happy and everyone else around them is happy as well then I don’t really see the problem. It doesn’t matter though, does it? So let the man rest in peace now, alright.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        She’s the second 16-year old that he dated as an adult…that we know of. That constitutes a pattern, ergo ephebophilia.

      • Zaina777

        No, as I said before it is numerous younger adults not just two of them. We know of one for sure not two. Maybe you should use your own much worse exprience to educate younger girls instead of going after someone who isn’t here to defend himself or his actions.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        “Maybe you should use your own much worse exprience to educate younger girls…”

        Exactly what I’m doing here.

      • Zaina777

        Yeah, but you are using the wrong guy and his exprience seems subtle in comparsion to the other peoples. There are many ALIVE actors and actresses or celebrities in general who have crossed that boundary as well. You should talk about them instead of a dead guy and his grieving girlfriend.

      • Man_Of_Sin

        Taylor Swift.

      • chumbawumba

        Agreed. He can’t defend himself and even if he were able to, he doesn’t answer to her. If she started slinging around names of those still alive I’m pretty sure her ass would be in a sling and she knows it. She didn’t even press charges against the 24 year old who took her virginity at 16 because the adults she told said she shouldn’t get him in trouble. Don’t you think she should have a bigger issue with them and not Paul Walker? Makes more sense to me.

      • chumbawumba

        Agreed. He can’t defend himself and even if he were able to, he doesn’t answer to her. If she started slinging around names of those still alive I’m pretty sure her ass would be in a sling and she knows it. She didn’t even press charges against the 24 year old who took her virginity at 16 because the adults she told said she shouldn’t get him in trouble. Don’t you think she should have a bigger issue with them and not Paul Walker? Makes more sense to me.

      • JohnHousecat

        Regret takes the form of many monsters in the psyche.

      • chumbawumba

        How exactly are you educating younger girls when you took absolutely no action against the 24 year old who had sex with you when you were 16? Even if the adults you told said you shouldn’t “get him in trouble”, at some point before the statute of limitations ran out you must have realized something should have been done since you yourself were an “adult”. But you didn’t. So maybe even at 26 you still can’t make “adult” decisions.

      • JohnHousecat

        Some people just like pissing and moaning about their “bad” choices without taking full responsibility for them long after the fact. Borderlines do that. So who knows. (Yes, I’m back…only because Disqus alerted me to new comments.)

      • chumbawumba

        Exactly. I guess it’s easier to say I was only 16 and stupid so it’s not really my fault. No way. Live, learn and take responsibility. I also find it amusing when people post “where were her parents?” Seriously?? When I was 16 my parents didn’t tag along when I hung out with friends and I most certainly did not share everything with them!

    • mudcat222

      I saw his daughter had all her friends there to support her at the beach house memorial. Nice to see!! This made me think that if my teenage daughter was friends with her would I let her go to his house? Obviously he and his family & friends see no issues with grown men in their 30′s and 40′s dating teenage girls. Dating and developing relationships with minors is acceptable with these people and that would make it difficult for me to put my teenage girl in that environment. Can you honestly say that if your sixteen yr old daughter was friends with his daughter or just met him somewhere else you would be ok with him having sex with her because true love is true love. Sounds like a stretch to me. Also notice they did not have Jasmine at the funeral or the beach memorial. Some grown men are just turned on by virgins.

      see more

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      • JohnHousecat

        Jasmine WAS at the funeral. Stop spreading lies.

    • Simone

      I agree he was a predator. Individuals with good looks often get away with a lot of things. If Paul had been an unattractive individual even if he were poor he probably would have gotten away with it. A sixteen year old, is a child and to date a child, on not just one but two different occasions is inexcusable.

      • chumbawumba

        Dumbest argument I’ve heard so far…really, usually good looking people get away with a lot of things?? Oh the logic.

    • Fyrehawke

      Total Peter Pan syndrome. Everyone has their demons and Paul Walker was obviously no different. There is absolutely nothing of an intellectual, or emotional nature that a world-wise man in his thirties would have with a teenager, apart from trying to deny the march of time. He definitely had his good points, but truth be told, just like so many other actors in Hollywood, (both male and female), aging was a truly frightening prospect for this man-boy. Some try plastic surgery, others go for drugs and endless body work. More often than not, the aging alpha male usually works his way through a constant stream of underage arm candy and a life living on the edge (ie. pursuit of teenage adrenaline addictions like fast cars). The end is never pretty and usually always fatal.

    • sandy

      If he was an average guy in Anytown, USA, he would be jailed as a sexual predator for one or both of his relationships (and there probably more such “relationships” with underage girls we don’t know about). It’s that simple.

    • Martine

      Sixteen is legal. You may not like it, but its the age of consent, so stop judging.

      • Em


    • Innocent until proven guilty

      The Law that protects children was created with the knowledge that the part of their brain that triggers the ability to make mature decision was not quite developed. So base on that a psychologist and medical Profession, governent faught for this Law. Now, the question that some people are asking does Paul Walker fall into the catagory of a Predator. According to the California state law it does. Now whether they had a intimate relationship or consented by her parents is a mystery that only they know. So until fact are given and they might not be, I say at this point Everyone is presume innocent until proven guilty. By Law! There have been innocent people who have gone to jail on less accusation as this! Come on people!!!

    • mudcat222

      Looks like Jasmine was with him till the end. Looks like her blocking cameras at the crash scene.

    • Krayjee

      If the parents had no issue and obviously didn’t press charges.. doesn’t matter if he’s a celebrity or not.. then I don’t see the big issue with it. And with Jasmine it lasted a long time.. and he was planning on marrying her when she was ready as she was in college.. I respect him to the utmost and have always been a fan since day 1… so I’ll defend him.. and it’s funny how people will bash someone AFTER the fact he’s gone.. Him dating these younger girls has always been there and he’s been somewhat a fairly decently private person on top of that.. People knew.. but never brought it up so apparently either they didn’t want to bring up a bad interview, knew he wouldn’t talk about it, or it wasn’t a big deal regardless.. Whenever asked about his private life 9/10 times he always moves to another topic.. he doesn’t like to talk about that side of him.. maybe he knows the backlash that could have happened or just wanted to keep it private.. regardless the man has passed onto a better life.. most people are just jealous of his fame, popularity, and what they didn’t have nor will ever achieve and gain in life. Nobody is perfect and hate to hear people put him down… RIP PW and RR.. never forgotten and always loved and remembered!

    • dweezel

      You’re a bit of a cunt, aren’t you?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Thanks for your kind words.

    • Ben farris

      These a allegations are ridiculous there is no good for any party by trying to dig up garbage you say paul needs to be held accountable there is no holding him accountable he has moved on! Let him rest in peace and quit trying to smear his name for your own site traffic benefits he was a great man that did more good in a week then most of us could do in a lifetime! and none of us know anything about his love life lets quit pretending we do!!

    • Guest

      Prince [the singer] met Anna Fantastic when she was 16. I know the age of consent where he lives is 16 but I haven’t heard anyone call him creepy or gross for it.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I shall do it now! That’s both creepy and gross.

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    • Em

      Wait wait wait….So what I read of Aubrianna Atwells interview was that they were still seeing each other, right up until his death. So he was cheating on his “current” gf Jasmine??

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