Hardly Anyone Showed Up To Kanye West’s Kansas City Concert, So Maybe There’s Finally Hope

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What’s that I see emerging on the horizon? It’s so pretty and sparkly and glowing and accompanied by the sound of angels. No, it’s not Mariah Carey performing at an award show. It’s hope. Beautiful, glorious hope. Why is hope making an appearance today, you ask? Because only 4,500 people came to Kanye West’s concert in the 19,000-seat Kansas City Sprint Center. No word on if the extra seats were filled by cardboard cutouts of Kanye, mirrors in which Kanye would gaze at his own reflection, or just the many members of the Kardashian family.

Apparently the people of Kansas City were able to overlook his staggering artistic genius and chose not to pay money to have the man of the hour storm off the stage or spend an inordinate amount of time ranting about whatnot with a side of such and such. The Kansas City Star (via Radar) reported the meager turnout, suggesting this might not have happened in past years:

West almost certainly could have filled the Sprint Center five years ago. Tuesday’s poor attendance indicates how his scandalous love life, frequent impolite pronouncements and his gradual shift away from conventional hip-hop have alienated many of his fans.

You know that thing where a singer’s personal life becomes so unbearable that it doesn’t even matter how great an artist they are because they’re simply intolerable? It’s a skill that’s been mastered by a little fellow named Justin Bieber. Thankfully, it was reported a couple of weeks ago that Australia was trying to get a Bieber-ectomy. Maybe folks stateside are following suit with Kanye. Maybe the world isn’t against us after all. Maybe there is a God. Maybe people have finally realized that it’s possible to stop supporting douchebags by just… not supporting douchebags. Doesn’t this make you proud to be a human?

Of course, just because Kanye only had 4,500 people to perform for doesn’t mean he left out his requisite rant. He just made it a little shorter this time, only going on for eight minutes, reportedly saying, “I don’t always say the right things at the right time. I’m better at saying the wrong things at the wrong time.” Yes Kanye, I agree. Perhaps you can try to work on that.

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Do people normally perform in Kansas City? Serious question. I’ve just never heard of a big artist there before.

      • elle

        Actually they do! My sis lives in Missouri so when I visit her there are always ads for concerts at the Sprint Center. I was there a few weeks ago and kept seeing ads for miley Cyrus and Justin timberlake. So yeah its not really a place you think of for big concerts but they do happen.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Makes sense, just didn’t occur to my silly brain! Thanks for filling me in!

    • Guest

      Why wouldn’t they? I used to live there, a long with a couple million other people. We got everybody there.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        That’s an excellent point, was just a dumb question I asked while trying to figure out why the attendance would be so low.

    • govskeptic

      Elvis Presley did not remain on top all the way to the end by running his mouth, seeking
      publicity of the scandalous type, bragging on himself, and telling his audience and the
      public at large how to run the country or the world. Talent is the key, not your worldly
      possessions or suggestions.

    • Mr. SeXXXy

      I wish he would just die already.

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