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Ariana Grande Confuses XMAS Tree Lighting Concert With A Christmas Carol Audition, Dresses Accordingly

ariana grande christmas in rockefeller center 2013

You know that recurring dreams that you/sitcom characters have where you show up someplace dressed in the wrongest outfit possible and everyone’s starring at you. Well that happened to Ariana Grande last night during her performance at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting. While none of this can be confirmed, it appears that the young pop star mistakenly believed that she would be trying out for the role of Bob Cratchit in a musical production of A Christmas Carol. It’s either that or a role in the movie, Felicity: The Red-Headed American Girl Doll With the Lame Accessories. 

Unless, and bear with my guys because this is a very possible unless, old-timey capes are making a comeback. As a self-proclaimed WearMyClothesTillTheyLiterallyFallApartisa, it’s always possible that I’m behind on the trends. Get this, I just found out last week that butterfly clips are out! As are tattoo necklaces, O-Town jokes and using “once you pop, you just can’t stop” to stuff all the food into your mouth. So maybe capes are back! 

Despite the fashion snafu, the incredibly talented pop star obviously did a great job singing “Love is Everything” during the concert. While I might be tiring of her youthful hairstyle (dear stylists: she’s 20 years-old!!!), she still blows me away every single time she sings. If she’s not the most famous young performer in America by this time next year, I’ll eat my hat. Or is it my cape? I bet now that capes are back in, the expression is “I’ll eat my cape.”

Check out her performance with the Old Navy Down Coat Chorus right here!

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  • Jill O’Rourke

    Seriously, why does she wear that ponytail everywhere? Is it holding her head on?

  • Kate McGarry

    I, um, I….yeah I kinda liked the cape….

    • Jenni

      Like I said, I’m horrible at clothes. I came to work in a onesie today with a flap in the back.

    • Kate McGarry

      Oh please do not take my approval of her Victorian style as a ringing endorsement by a fashion icon. I’ve been wearing the same pants since 7th grade

  • Alexis Rhiannon


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  • Olivia Wilson

    Sooo… I guess we can add the Love Is Everything chorus to the growing list of her song hooks that sound just like The Way’s, right next to Right Here.

    By the way, Old Navy has z-e-r-o shame in hiding that their one true motive is always to get you to buy a down coat.

    • Jenni

      Old Navy has the most in-your-face outerwear agenda that I’ve ever seen.