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Annnd The Jennifer Lawrence Backlash Begins, Which Means That It’s Time For Her To Go MIA

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Which is why she needs to go into hiding and she needs to do it fast. Sure, sure I get that she needs to promote American Hustle, but she can’t be the star of this press circuit. Not this time. Sure Amy Adams doesn’t evoke the same kind of excitement in her interviews, but she’s certainly charming enough. And Bradley Cooper? I mean, that guy can more than handle his own in interviews. After all , it is rumored that every time he talks about his mother, an angel grows its wings. And when it comes to awards season campaigning, assuming she gets nominated, she has to sit it out this year. She’s only 23. Considering her immense talent, it’s clear she’ll get nominated several more times. Dare I say it, but I think we’re looking at another Meryl Streep here. Which is a compliment, but also a burden. Didn’t we all groan when Meryl won that Oscar a few years ago? Meryl herself acknowledged in her acceptance speech that Americans aren’t all that excited to see her rack up the awards anymore. She’s living proof that you can love someone and still not want them to succeed 100% of the time.

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While the Oscars nominees clearly haven’t been announced yet, odds are high that Jennifer Lawrence will be in the same group as 12 Years a Slave’s Lupita Nyong’o. She’s not only my personal pick for the award, but she’s a relatively new actress who really deserves recognition for her work in that movie. For Jennifer Lawrence to swoop in and take another award from someone like her seems unfair, even if her performance is just as strong. And again, I’m saying this as a huge fan. I by no means am saying that she should reject a nomination — that would look ungrateful — but I am saying that she should lay low when all her fellow nominees are campaigning. Everyone likes her now and I want everyone to like her even more in a few months. So if she could just put her personality on pause for a while and slip away to a secret location, it would be fab!

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  • xxx

    so youre saying when a woman deserves awesome shit because she did equally awesome shit she should go in hiding because its not like this is her fucking job i mean honestly what the fuck oh wait i’m sorry you little shits must believe a woman should have ambition but not too much people who win awards fucking deserve those awards because its their job their life source not a nice little hobbie…

  • Amanda Showers


    They are both fierce goddesses.
    Internet: Find something more productive to do, like watching kitten videos.

    • esolesek

      You are a shining example of what is wrong with american women.

  • Sarah

    I’m sorry I just really, really dislike her :( (would definitely not go as far as hate)
    I’ve tried to see her from everybody else’s point of view which seems to be incredibly loving, but I just don’t understand the hype. She doesn’t appear to be funny or witty, and her persona, body language and face do not match the jokes which she tries to pull off.
    Everybody goes wild when she repeatedly falls at the oscars, but again I can’t see why that is so hilariously brilliant?
    I am by no means a troll, and I certainly don’t wish her any harm, but I just fail to see why everyone thinks that she is a comic genious?

  • esolesek

    First off, the idea that she gets sold as wildy beautiful is to me preposterous. She is cute and young and has a nice body, but she is very average in the face. Of course, I guess this lets her get away with more than if she had a model’s face. SHe’s got verve and personality, great, but is it backed up with wit and intelligence? I don’t think so. I just think she’s a loud boorish college tomboy. It’s charming for a bit, but then what do you follow it up with? More loudness among waht is supposed to be classy society? Is she good enough to hold the rebel position like a Jack Nicholson? We’ll see. No offense, but Hunger Games is really a pretty stupid couple of movies. Rehashed Logans Run, 70s post-acpocalypse at best, and the sequel is laughably bad. American Hustle, her character is basically herself. Whoopee.

    Anne Hathaway, on the other hand, was truly uniquely beautiful, and had the acting chops,. but struck out a bit tryign to be funny and overly coy and came across as ungenuine. If she played the beotch like Cate Blanchett, it would help her immensely.
    Anne can do gravitas, or she could.

    Lawrence, she’s more like a Gina Davis with less great looks and prob less talent, though she may be getting good fast enough. The butterface just ain’t gonna last.