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12 Movie Trailers That Were Better Than The Actual Movie

7. The Hunger Games

If I could’ve watched that movie without the shaky cam, I would’ve been mighty appreciative. Or if I could’ve known when I first saw the trailer that the movie wouldn’t measure up, that would’ve been fine too.

8. Watchmen

Too bad these characters couldn’t be held together by any form lasting more than the three minute trailer? RIP idea of a good movie.

9. Vantage Point

THIS LOOKED SO GOOD WHEN I SAW THE PREVIEW IN THEATERS. But every friend of mine who saw it said it was garbage, and I’m extremely susceptible to peer pressure so I didn’t even bother. Whether I was wrong or not, I still have the trailer to ease my sorrows.

10. Cloverfield

I mean, the plot’s all there already. What more are you waiting for from the film itself? Save your thirteen dollars and sleep a little more soundly.

11. Date Night

Steve Carell and Tina Fey in the same movie? Where do I sign? Oh, right on the trailer line, before seeing the actual movie, which was a disappointment.

12. American Hustle


I’m really hoping this isn’t true, but I’m worried that the trailer for this movie might be better than the film itself. You can’t just combine two casts together and expect the result to be watchable, right? I mean, right? I don’t know anything anymore, but it’s a solid trailer.

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  • http://maitribathbody.com/ Maitri

    Agree about Shaky Cam ™. I had to leave Saving Private Ryan in the theater because of it.

  • KMHinsman .

    First off, I LOVE the title of this article. How clever, and so many possibilities! I’ve seen maybe half of these movies listed here so I can’t say that I agree with your comments on all of them. But I will comment that The Book Thief was a great book, but possibly impossible to make into a movie. The Great Gatsby was a very good book, but the director got lost somewhere in the glitzy setups and made a mess of it. The people who create trailers don’t have to follow the same rules as the people who make the movies, so yeah – they look GREAT no matter what!

  • Becca

    One dimensional? Stick figure? Seriously? Leonardo DiCaprio was an incredible Gatsby. He brought so many emotional layers to that character. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book and the movie didn’t dissapoint me at all. I do understand that Baz Luhrmann’s style is quite polarizing and not for everyone. However, I personally thought that Gatsby was a brilliant adaption. The Great Gatsby is a social criticism of the excessively wealthy living in the over indulgent jazz age. Honestly I felt that the film captured that quite well. Everyone has a different opinion though.

  • http://imlostinbooks.blogspot.com/ Becca

    How can you possibly say The Hunger Games was not amazing? It was exactly like the book. The shaking camera lasted all of 10 minutes and wasn’t nearly as annoying as the Blair Witch Project in which that happened the entire awful movie. Also, you could definitely tell from the trailer The Counselor was going to suck.

    • Becky Jerams

      The Hunger Games was pretty good but the shaky cam definitely lasted the whole movie and not just 10 mins!! I get really motion sick watching shaky cam and I felt so sick I nearly had to leave the cinema, it just didn’t let up! It’s also put me off seeing Catching Fire in case it comes back…!

    • Silly Rabbit

      The Hunger Games was boring – not terrible – just boring and… did you even read the book? Not even close LOL

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