Claire Danes Bravely Comes Out As A Feminist, Which Is Slightly Better Than Coming Out As A Witch

Claire Danes January 2014 cover red dress

In a move that historians will eventually call heroic, actress Claire Danes came out in a Glamour interview as a feminist. That’s right. She just came right out and said. Like it was nothing. “My name is Claire Danes, I star in Homeland and I’m a feminist.”

“I am a feminist. And I’m so glad that [Girls creator and star] Lena Dunham exists, because she is one too, and she’s quite vocal about it. Yes, women have more freedom and more influence than ever, but it’s hardly equal. It’s just not.”

In a year when so many celebrities are avoiding coming out as being pro-women, it’s (sadly) inspiring to see one announce it so flagrantly. And before a fight erupts in the comments and someone uses the phrase, “I’m a humanist” like its a legitimate thing, let’s go over the definition of feminism that we use around here. Simply put, it’s believing that men and women should be treated equally. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about men and women getting paid equal amounts for doing the same job or if we’re talking about women being able to criticize another woman even though they both have vaginas. Equal is equal is equal. The only exception, of course being, if I time traveled to the Titanic. In that case, women and children first. Cal last.

If Claire Danes manages to survive this confession without being fired from her job and/or forced to stand trial for being a witch, then maybe more celebrities will come out as feminists. Here’s to hoping that a few more ladies speak up in support of ladies in 2014!

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    • Olivia Wilson

      Lena Dunham has this special talent where even if something isn’t initially about her, it ends up being that way at the end. Even when she’s not even present.

      • Katie

        I really don’t want Lena Dunham to become to face of “feminism”

    • Hubris Personified

      What I like about being a feminist is knowing that I can see that the obvious truth that all people have the ability to be truly amazing. What I don’t like about being a male feminist is the same thing I don’t like being born in a country as nice as Canada, I do not immediately see exactly how absolutely monstrous other males/canadians are to those they do not see as their equals.

      Case in point.
      I had a friend, who was once so close I considered him my be my best friend. I knew he was always dating, after having had gone through a terrible break up with a lady who took about 6 months of giving him the ole in-and-out of his life routine, but I thought it was just the dating game and nothing serious. I later found out that he was straight up dating multiple girls, and had crushed these women monstrously. He had his excuses, but my blindness to someone who clearly saw women as his playthings disgusted me to my core. it left me wondering in how many ways I was valuing/excusing attributes of men while simultaneously devaluing/aggrandizing attributes of women.

      In a world that is trying to kill love, we have to realize that anyone of us can be an angel, a demon, or a shadow to any other person. We are all underdeveloped apes on a rock flying through space, but we live on the same planet that once had Julius Caesar, Marcus Aurelius, Mother Theresa, Bob Marley, Harriet Tubman, and a million other souls that show that ones life is more than just days, and one person can be just about anything. It shouldn’t take more than a simple intelligence to realize a person grows from the soil of their youth. If women are raised to be domestic slaves most will be, if men are raised to be wage slaves most will be, but the ones that won’t sell their lives to society just so they can fit in must be willing to do more than cry out. Most importantly, they must do something when they hear others cry out. They must act.

      Are you acting, or are you acting?

    • justine

      Claire Danes a feminist? Oh, please. May I remind everyone she screwed Billy Crudup when he had an 8 months pregnant girlfriend. Oh, but I remember now, she said she was a victim in the scandal. This woman is so disgusting. Here’s hoping her husband cheats on her and gives her a taste of her own medicine.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Not sure what that really has to do with her being a feminist.

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