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Why Frozen‘s Twist Ending Sends An Awesome Message To Girls

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Still, the film adheres to a lot of familiar fairy tale tropes. Anna carelessly gets engaged to a prince she just met. Later, Elsa freezes Anna’s heart with her powers, and the only remedy for it, as explained by the rock trolls, is an act of true love. I displayed a visible eye roll in my theater seat, because I admittedly wasn’t giving this film the benefit of the doubt. As Anna rushed to her prince for a kiss, I looked at my watch waiting for her to realize it’s actually Kristoff who’s her true love and wrap things up.

But here’s where the movie really surprised me. The prince turns out to be a total douchebag who’s only after Anna’s money, and he leaves her to die of her frozen heart. At the movie’s climax, Kristoff races to save Anna, but she ends up saving herself. Just as the evil prince is about to kill Elsa, Anna jumps in front of her, immediately turning to ice. However, as Elsa cries over her, the ice melts. Saving her sister was the act of true love Anna needed to save herself. That’s right. A Disney princess who saves herself — while also saving someone else.

Of course Anna still gets together with Kristoff and lives happily ever after, but this twist ending really impressed me. While Brave was admirable for forgoing fairy tale tropes throughout its whole runtime, the fact that Frozen sets up those tropes and then completely turns them on their head makes an even bigger impact in a lot of ways. It certainly does a lot to start a dialogue between parents and kids about what stories have to teach us and how there’s no one way to have a happy ending. It also emphasizes the idea that “true love” doesn’t have to just mean romantic love. In addition to being a cute, well-made movie with two interesting young women at the center, Frozen also has a very unexpected and rather bold way of telling its story, which I really admire.

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  • Jenni

    Now I really want to see it!

    • CrazyLogic

      See it, it is awesome.

  • CrazyLogic

    Story is great, songs are great and the snow sparkles like actual snow! Hell they managed to animate velvet!

    One of the best CGI movies visually yet.

  • DOoMm

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  • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

    I LOVED this movie too.

  • Stephanie

    We took my boys (5 yrs old) to see it last weekend with their grandparents & everyone in our group just loved the movie. Even my Dad stayed awake which was impressive. And that twist ending was just wonderful, I’ve been recommending the movie to everyone!

  • Stephanie

    We took my boys (5 yrs old) to see it last weekend with their grandparents & everyone in our group just loved the movie. Even my Dad stayed awake which was impressive. And that twist ending was just wonderful, I’ve been recommending the movie to everyone!

  • Nancy

    I just googled to find more articles about this because it’s awesome and saw this: “Frozen has a heroine behind the scenes too; co-director and screenwriter Jennifer Lee is the first woman to hold that title on a Disney feature.” Yay! http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/disneys-frozen-is-good-news-for-little-girls-8978485.html

    • Jill O’Rourke

      That is so awesome!

  • EX

    Loved this movie and especially the ending! As a mom to a girl (soon two) I am SO happy to see these contemporary princesses who can save themselves. Such a great lesson for my girls!

  • Cbalducc

    Sounds like a Lifetime movie to me!

  • G.E. Phillips

    I saw Frozen this weekend with my son, and my sister saw it with her daughter, but separately. Last night we had a half hour phone call about how much we loved it and how we both cried when realized that Anna’s act of true love was her saving her sister. It was a real “I love you, man” moment.

  • Kresaera

    My mom and I took my daughter to see this movie on Thanksgiving. I was really impressed with it! I too was expecting her to go kiss the asshole prince and completely miss the point that it was Kristoff the whole time. When she saved her sister I was amazed! Sisterly love is what it took!! No man needed!

    • Malcolm Cheer

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  • Nisa Taft

    I love how Frozen the different side of love that gives people a new perspective about what love is.
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  • Lajya

    you know i thought the act of true love would be the snowman staying with her and melting after he says “some people are worth melting for”. but this was great too <3

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  • Malcolm Cheer

    I loved Frozen so much, I would probably have sex with it if my huge dick could fit through the disc! That movie also makes me want to have sex with Elsa and Anna, if only they were real…