10 Weird Kids Shows You Won’t Believe Are On The Air Right Now

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Sometimes I worry about kids these days. Back in my day, kids shows were lovably weird, certainly, but they were the kind of weird that I can watch now in my twenties and still appreciate. Nowadays when I flip through the channels and end up on a kids network, I’m either horrified or highly annoyed. Everything’s so over the top and bizarre these days. You have to wonder how people come up with these concepts and get them made into TV shows. Half the plots sound like they were created with mad libs and the other half sound like the result of a bad drug trip.

I wanted to delve deeper into what kids are watching on television these days, so I did a little research into the programming offered by a few popular kids channels. If you, like me, have no children or younger siblings with whom to watch these shows, you probably have no idea most of them exist. But when you hear the plots, you won’t believe they’re on the air.

1. Dog With A Blog

Dog with a Blog Disney

(Image: Disney)

This show is about exactly what it sounds like. It’s not about a family running a parody blog for their dog, like those celebrity pets with Twitter accounts. Nope, it’s about a talking dog named Stan who runs a blog. On the computer. Where he writes about his human family. And it’s a live action show. I’ll let you take a moment to process this.

2. The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange

(Image: Cartoon Network)

Every time I catch this show on the TV set in a restaurant or by accident when I hit the wrong channel number, it haunts my dreams for at least three nights afterward. There are human faces superimposed onto fruit. What about that doesn’t spell n-i-g-h-t-m-a-r-e? It’s based on a popular web series about a bunch of fruit in a grocery store. There are occasionally zombie vegetables. Please don’t make me talk about this anymore.

3. The Twisted Whiskers Show

The Twisted Whiskers Show Hub

(Image: Hub)

If you’ve ever wished that the Cheshire Cat could be made even creepier and multiplied into various different animals, then boy oh boy is this the show for you. It’s based on a series of greeting cards, proving they’ll make a movie or TV show about anything these days. Why are their smiles so big and their eyes so starey?

4. The Haunted Hathaways

Haunted Hathaways Nickelodeon

(Image: Nickelodeon)

This is not about a bunch of Anne Hathaway clones who are possessed by an evil spirit. I know, that’s what I thought too. This show is actually about a woman and her two daughters who move into a house haunted by the ghosts of another family. So… those people died at some point. Is that really a conversation parents want to be having with their children while watching a TV show?

5. Sabrina: Secrets of a Witch

Sabrina Secrets of a Teenage Witch Hub

(Image: Hub)

Nope. Nope nope nope. This is on the list because no one should be able to touch my beloved Sabrina the Teenage Witch and turn her into a goofy-looking computer-animated teeny-bopper voiced by Ashley Tisdale. She is Melissa Joan Hart and/or maaaybe the animated girl from the early ’00s who was voiced by Melissa’s little sister. But that’s it.

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    • Cori

      Thank you for mentioning Twisted Whiskers, that show is super creepy. Every time my kids put it on I can’t stop wondering why the creators felt the need to make it full of nightmares. It doesn’t seem to bug the kids though, just any grown-ups around.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        It’s so terrifying!

    • LadyClodia

      There are many, many others that I would add to this list: “The Amazing World of Gumball” and “Almost Naked Animals” are the two that I can think of right now because the others have thankfully slipped my mind. It seems like my 5 year old would gladly watch any of these, but I don’t let him.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        The title Almost Naked Animals is enough to weird me out.

      • Awesomesauce

        “the Amazing World of Gumball” seems stupid but it’s actually a good show. If there’s nothing on TV and it comes on I’ll watch it and I’m not even embarrassed to say it as a young adult.

      • MammaSweetpea

        I’m a full grown adult, and I love to watch AWoG, with or without the kids :)

    • Human Target

      There are a few of these I’ve heard of before and a few others….. just wow!
      My daughter is 4 almost 5. As of right now I monitor and carefully pick the shows she watches but I fear the day this kid starts picking out her own kid shows she likes. Mama’s going to have to put her foot down on a few of these I see.

    • charitaszn773

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    • Maeby

      Everything on Nick and Disney is stupid but Cartoon Network actually has good shows that are critically acclaimed and win tons of awards. Except for Uncle Grandpa, 85% of its programming is good.

    • GeorgiaWood

      I can not believe that Kids are showing a these type of weird acting.


    • Muggle

      The only animated show on Nickelodeon worth watching is Legend of Korra. That’s it.

      While watching Legend of Korra I saw ads for the other shows, and just judging from the ads, they’re all terrible. I can’t believe people thought these types of shows were a good idea. It’s like they consulted the Family Guy manatee for ideas.

      I’ve always hated Disney Channel shows because the acting is so terrible and everyone YELLS AS LOUD AS THEY CAN AND SLAMS THE DOOR WHENEVER THEY WALK INTO A ROOM. I think the live-action Nick shows are heading in this direction, too.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Ugh I know, all those Disney kids go to the same TALK AS LOUD AS YOU CAN school.

      • Muggle

        I think it’s the way Disney coaches its victi—errrr, child actors. Just remembering my days as a young Muggle forced to act in school plays, I think the kids are just told to make themselves heard… and don’t elaborate. Someone needs to tell them that projection=/=volume.

      • MammaSweetpea

        THANK YOU!!! I ask my kids all the time, why there is so much yelling, and stomping and name calling (I’m talking to you, Sam, from iCarly).

      • Muggle

        Ten years ago when I was just getting out of the Disney Channel stage, the acting got loads worse and LOUDER. There’s no reason for it at all. It’s possible to have a live-action kid’s show with no stomping, door-slamming, or yelling, just ask the creators of Lizzie McGuire.

      • MammaSweetpea

        I’m pretty sure I’m old fashioned, but I miss the days when kids on tv were respectful. Not mushy, because they did talk back and such. But this is like a whole other level. The parents on these Disney shows (and some of the other channels) are often buffoon-ish characters, with no real bite to their bark. The tails too often wag the dogs.

      • Muggle

        The kids don’t do it out of disrespect but because their actors are poorly coached. Someone should tell Disney that “dynamic entry” should not mean “child character runs in, practically stomping, slams door behind them, and yells all their lines.”

        You are totally right, though. When I was a kid, most adults on TV were bumbling and useless, but the parents were usually the exception– even on Disney. Now it’s all “adults just don’t get it, man” so even parents are idiots whose only purpose is to annoy the main character. Ugh.

    • Shelly Lloyd

      The Haunted Hathaways is weird because you may have to explain ghost/haunting to a child? This sort of friendly ghost trope is not new. Have you never heard of Casper the Friendly Ghost?

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Yeah, that’s true. But there’s just something about the whole family dying at once and it being a weekly live-action sitcom that just makes it so much more morbid to me.

    • http://sarahhollowell.com/ Sarah Hollowell

      Heyy, don’t mess with SheZow. It is gender-norm-defying AWESOMENESS.

    • T_T

      Gotta stick up for Uncle Grandpa – been watching it with my boys and it is hilarious.. Good Morning…. All Night Long The Pizzas name is Steve… Pizza Steve.

    • FauxRealFaux

      Dog With a Blog and Jesse are decent family oriented shows- my daughter loves them and I can watch them without dozing off.

    • Alicia Kiner

      Keep in mind Cartoon network does adult cartoons too. Annoying orange I believe (could be wrong) falls into that category.

      • Muggle

        Annoying Orange is definitely a kids’ show. That’s the impression I got from the YouTube channel of the actor who plays Nerville, anyway. Toby’s got a few behind-the-scenes videos, a few more where he just talks about the show and filming, and it’s pretty clear who the show is for.

      • Alicia Kiner

        wow. Well, then, I’m officially an uncool parent. My kids don’t get to watch this or Sponge Bob. Can’t deal with Sponge Bob’s voice, and anything with Annoying in the name doesn’t come into my house ;)

      • Muggle

        I don’t blame you one bit! I don’t have kids but Disney Channel is banned from my house, no exceptions, not even for snarking, in the event that I do have them.

    • gothicgaelicgirl

      Is it bad that I love the Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time? =P

    • JooLane

      Best Disney’s animations http://tiny.pl/qrzgd

    • Tea

      Wander over Yonder is a really fun, kind of vintage-style show, and it was made by the guy who did Powerpuff girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and Samurai Jack, and his wife (MLP, PPG, Foster’s)

      Also, it looks like the cute and Chibi version of “Wizards”.

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    • Brandon Roberts

      about dylan sprouse not being broke come on he is

    • Brook

      I think you’re overreacting, they’re not that weird geez. There are much more weirder shows out there right now. Like Adventure Time for example, it’s a good show, but it can be weird to watch.