King Joffrey From Game Of Thrones Is Quitting Acting, And I Blame The Internet

Jack Gleeson outside Today FM studio in Dublin Ireland August 2013 (Photo:

Okay. I’ve been burned on this before, writing about Game Of Thrones, so let me tell you right up top that there are spoilers in this post. Given, they’re already written about in a book that’s been out for literal years, but that’s never stopped commenters in the past from encouraging me to go back to journalism school and/or take my own life, and I doubt it will today, either.

These spoilers involve Jack Gleeson, the kid who plays King Joffrey Baratheon in the series. He recently gave an interview to, in which he suggests that he might be done with acting once he leaves the show:

“It was always a recreation beforehand, but when I started doing Game of Thrones perhaps the reality was made too real for me. The lifestyle that comes with being an actor in a successful TV show isn’t something I gravitate towards.”

What do you have to say for yourselves, internet? I BLAME YOU. I can imagine an average child actor saying something like this, but the situation can’t be helped by the fact that Jack plays a role that is pretty much universally hated. As I’ve learned, people take the shows they watch incredibly seriously, and it has to be weird watching the entire digital world delight in despising you every week. So much so that Jack says doesn’t even watch the show anymore:

“I don’t tend to. It’s bizarre when you see clips. You tend to abstract yourself from the creepiness of it when you’re playing it, but when you see it on television it sends shivers down my spine. I would like to try and defend him, but I would have a pretty hard job doing it. I suppose he’s the product of his context and his family. In terms of redeemable qualities, there wouldn’t be many.”

Yeah, not many. Approximately none, in fact, which must be seriously difficult to deal with as a young man in what’s essentially your first acting job. I don’t know if he should necessarily just throw in the towel, though! Because that puts a serious time limit on his remaining screen time.

Here comes that SPOILER, guys. There’s gonna be a GIF of Joffrey getting slapped around, and right under that is the spoiler. I can’t be more clear than this with the bolding and the caps and the ellipses and the warning, so please work with me here, trolls.

Joffrey Baratheon getting slapped in the face on Game Of Thrones GIF(via)

If Joffrey really is dead-set on leaving after he wraps Game Of Thrones, then that means he only has one or two episodes left, or at the most half a season, because his character gets killed off, remember? It’s at his own wedding to Margaery Tyrell, and he chokes to death in front of everyone, so his days are quite literally numbered. But it sounds like there is still hope that Jack might do another role after Joffrey to wash the terrible, tyrannical boy king taste out of our mouths:

“I’m 21, so it’s hard to decide what kind of course life will take.”

Here’s hoping.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      OMG why didn’t you put a spoiler alert for that picture of him shrugging?! I wasn’t up to the part in life where he shrugged yet!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I am sorry. I will commit seppuku.

      • elle

        Dying from this whole exchange because I very vividly remember all that drama.

    • Maitri

      Argh you totally spoiled that for me! :P
      It’s ok though, I hadn’t gotten to that point in the books yet, but I’m sure it would have come around in the series before I got there anyhoo.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

    • taylor

      wasn’t he the kid in batman begins though? i’m pretty sure he’s been acting for years. also, i saw an interview with him a while back and apparently he’s really into academia and is at some top university, so i’m assuming that he just found something he’s more interested in.

    • CrazyLogic

      How is he only a year younger than me!?