A List Of Every Man Britney Spears Fell In Love With After Dating For Thirty Seconds

Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again GIF

Oops, you did it again.


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Britney Spears has dated some real doozies over the years,. We can say that, right? It’s not like she’s still with them. Everything seems okay right at first, when she gets together with a nice normal guy and her dad loves him and he’s not in it for the money…but then thirty seconds later she’s in love and moving in and engaged and ready for kids.

And then thirty seconds after that, they’re like fighting all the time, and we remember that her dad still has a conservatorship over her, so it’s weird that he’s scouting these dudes and kind of forcing them on his daughter. And then Brit and the old guy are broken up and she’s on to a new guy and the whole process repeats itself. It’s like, take a second and smell the Frappuccino, girl!

But she didn’t take my advice, because she hasn’t even been dating this new David Lucado character for a year yet and already she’s ‘in love’ and ‘wants kids’ with him. So all my warnings have been for nothing. GREAT. Now instead of throwing out more unsolicited advice, here’s a complete list of all the guys (that we know of) that Britney Spears has fallen in love with after dating for approximately thirty seconds.

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    • Meredith Hirt

      It’s kind of weird that her longest relationship was actually with another famous person.

    • Toy Boy Rita

      Funny :-) Has she ever met Tom Brady? I think no :-) Howie Day… Yes, they met once – April 28, 2007. And played tennis together in rehab March 2007. Criss Angel – he is simply loser – they worked worked worked before her 2007 VMA… They were not dating. Rotem? Yes, maybe. A public kiss in 2006 November. Kissing a boy means dating him? And sleeping with him also means dating? Oh, my God… My list is much (God, much) longer……..