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I Dare You To Watch Ellie Kemper Learn To DJ And Not Want To Be Her Best Friend

Ellie Kemper Ellen DJ School

I’ve been going through some serious Erin Hannon withdrawal ever since The Office ended, so that’s why I’m so excited that Ellie Kemper went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to be a guest DJ. She’s been on the show before and pulled off an adorable dance dare, and her new appearance did not disappoint. Since Ellen didn’t want Ellie to DJ her show with no experience in the art form, she sent her to a DJ school, and the results were amazing.

Studies have shown that it’s impossible to watch this video without developing a burning desire to be Ellie’s best friend. And by that I mean one study that was just done by me while watching this video. Studies also show that studies done by me while watching videos are fool-proof. Those studies were also done by me. You get the idea. You’re going to want to be Ellie’s best friend.

Why? First of all, she’s sunshine personified. Sunshine itself looks at her and goes, “Who’s that lady who’s doing an impression of me? Is she trying to steal my identity?” She also has infectious dance moves, as we’ve already established. And she takes being a DJ very seriously, even down to what she calls herself. I’m still not totally sure what she ended up choosing, but I’m sure if we were best friends she’d listen to me when I say that Eclair was just fine. She can even add the heart over the i if she wants.

On a more personal level, both Ellie and I love the “Empire Today” jingle. I’ve been searching my whole life for someone else who is just as obsessed with that song, and I finally found her. So basically what I’m saying is, Ellie and I need to become besties, move into an apartment, and get the carpets redone by Empire. Today. No, like I mean this needs to happen today, Ellie. Get yourself over here.

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