12 Braver Choices For People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2013 Than Adam Levine

7. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne the Rock Johnson GI Joe Retaliation LA Premiere Los Angeles California March 28 2013(Photo: Apega/WENN)

I have such a crush on Dwayne Johnson. With his wrestler past, bulked-up physique and non-white heritage, he would be an unexpected choice, but a good one. He continues to star in blockbuster films and shed his nickname in favor of true movie star status. Plus, how could you not love that smile?

8. Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs Baggage Claim Premiere Los Angeles California September 25 2013(Photo: Brian To/WENN)

Hubba hubba. If a guy looks that hot in glasses, he deserves to be named Sexiest Man Alive. Plus, he's got a background in musical theater in addition to starring in successful movies like the new Best Man Holiday, which had a great box office opening, much to the shock of critics who think movies with black people in the cast can't do well.

9. Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto 51st NYFF New York City NY October 8 2013(Photo: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN)

Those eyebrows should win the title on their own. Zachary Quinto's having a great year, what with Star Trek Into Darkness and his stint on American Horror Story last season. He's got plenty of talent and charisma, not to mention unusual good looks. Oh, and did I mention he's gay? We've already established that doesn't exist as far as the history of the Sexiest Man Alive is concerned.

10. Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean April 23 2013 Time 100 Gala Most Influential People New York City NY(Photo: Andres Otero/WENN)

Look, it's a musician! And a musician who's lauded for his incredible talent and not for dating supermodels or wearing ripped T-shirts (sorry Adam Levine). Frank made such a name for himself in the music industry last year that he won two Grammys. At 26, he's the youngest guy on this list, which means he probably doesn't have a chance at the title for a long time, but it would be a great way for People to show that they care about evolving talent.

11. Will Arnett

Will Arnett Adacemy of TV Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame Induction March 11 2013 Beverly Hills California(Photo: FayesVision/WENN)

Apparently it's impossible for a comedian to be Sexiest Man Alive, even though every woman lists "sense of humor" as one of the most important qualities for her dream man. Arrested Development had a great comeback year, but it's still probably not quite mainstream enough to warrant People's attention. That's a shame, because despite Will's questionable tan, I find him very attractive.

12. Drake

Drake 55th Annual Grammy Awards Los Angeles California February 10 2013(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN)
Another musician! Drake's had a great year, taking home the Grammy for Best Rap Album at February's ceremony. Plus, he's Wheelchair Jimmy, so the youngsters love him. He also looks really great in a tux. At 27, he's probably a little young for the title as well, but a few years down the line, who knows what will happen.

(Lead Photo: Brian To/WENN.com)

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    • elle

      No not michael fassbender! I don’t think a lot of people know this because it happened prefame days but he has totally been accused of domestic violence by an ex. He is on my list of people I won’t give money to their projects too.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Oh wow, I didn’t know about that. It’s crazy how under the radar some of this stuff stays.

      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        Boy you fell for it without anything substantial.

      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        A tabloid report? Just asking.

      • Nikki

        I’ve read several articles about the Fassbender domestic violence accusation, and no one had any substantial evidence to prove it. Most likely it’s just an ex-girlfriend with sour grapes spreading rumors about him.

    • Char

      I can’t wait for the day when all of America (as England already has) realizes what a stone cold FOX Benedict Cumberbatch is.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        It’s gonna happen, slowly but surely.

      • Char

        BTW, the rest of this list is golden as well.

      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        Slowly! I knew immediately. He is wonderful.

      • azkellylynn

        Ditto. The man is perfection. Woah.

    • lena

      I approve of this list!

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Happy to hear it!

    • Maddie

      Frank Ocean! Ahh so hot, also gay! :)

      • Nikki

        Just to clarify, everything I read about him suggested that he’s bisexual.

    • QQ

      Umm…still mostly actors and still mostly white.

      • DuBois

        You’re mistaken… 5 of the 12 guys on Jill’s list are black or biracial.

      • Janee

        7/12 is still most.

      • DuBois

        LOL… so what? Jill is an American, and probably has an American/Western perspective on popular culture… don’t you think that at least 7/12 of the entertainers to which she’s had much exposure are white? If her list exactly mirrored global demographics, FEWER of her choices would be black or black/white, not MORE. (The most under-represented group on the list is Asian, not black.)

        Look, I’m a black man – I’m all for men of color being seen as sexy – but I’m not going to object because Jill’s list of her dozen sexiest men alive is “only” 5/12 black or biracial.

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    • FauxRealFaux

      In my book Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Michael Ealy, Derek Luke, Tyson Beckford, COLUMBUS SHORT (Harrison from Scandal) are far sexier than any of those dudes mentioned in People. As a matter of fact, why is People a relevant source for who the majority views as sexiest or most beautiful.

    • Janee

      It would not have been braver for Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Arnett, and ESPECIALLY not Michael Fassbender, an abuser, to be named sexiest man alive. They are all still cishet white men.