Center Stage Is Great, But Jody’s Way Too Clingy When It Comes To Cooper

jody red leotard center stage


I fell in love with Center Stage the first time I saw it. The dancing! The music! The Charlie! So I saw it fourteen hundred more times. In a row. To this day, nothing gets me as excited as that scene in Cooper’s “experimental” dance where Jody suddenly has a red leotard on and all the dancers just pop up behind her. Just Dance, am I right or am I right or am I now tempted to stop what I’m doing and spend the rest of the day blasting that soundtrack? I mean, I won’t. But only because we need to discuss Jody and Cooper’s relationship.

You know when you watch a movie when you’re younger and you sympathize with someone — then you watch it years later and you’re like “oh hell no, you crazy!” That’s what I went through when I recently watched this movie. So let’s run through it real fast and figure out if 7th grade Jenni is right about Cooper being a dick to Jody or 18th grade Jenni is right about Jody being an insane lady to Cooper.

The movie starts with Jody auditioning for the American Ballet Academy. Sandy Cohen lets her into the school even though her feet are made of wooden blocks. “There’s something about her,” his eyebrows whispered into the camera, “she and those blocks she shoves into ballet slippers might just make it. She instantly becomes friends with other first years Hufflepuffs, like Zoe Saldana and Horribly Timed Broke Leg. And then they all instantly become enemies with Maureen – who I think is just a Lifetime movie character copy and pasted into the film. You see Maureen’s not only suffering from an eating disorder, but she also has a mother who’s living vicariously through her. Luckily for her, she has sex with Paul Rudd’s lookalike and that finally gives the strength to stand up to her mother. Snaps for Maureen!

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    • elle

      Haha yes! When I was younger I was like poor Jody, now I’m like poor Cooper Jody is such a creeper! Also side note: the girl who plays Maureen is totally in a lifetime movie about eating disorders and it has Christina Hendricks in it and it is called Hunger Point and I totally demand you watch it.

      • Jenni

        I’m pretty sure I did years ago….(I hate how much horrible TV I’ve watched)

      • elle

        Yeah me too. So much awful TV

    • Amy

      Jody is absolutely the worst. I feel like Center Stage would be an infinately better movie if most of it focused on Zoe Saldana’s character instead of Jody.

      • Jenni

        Zoe was the better dancer

    • Carrie Thornton

      I never bought Maureen as the big-time-bitch Zoe Saldana’s character made her out to be. Why, because she (politely) asked her to smoke outside? If she tried to light up in my bedroom I’d tell that rude byatch to step outside too. Just sayin. And Cooper is so not cute, anyway, so I don’t get Jody’s obsession.

    • Guest

      “Sandy Cohen lets her into the school ” so, so much love