Danielle And Kevin Jonas Still Don’t Look Like A Real Couple On This Magazine Cover

Danielle and Kevin Jonas on Fit Pregnancy magazine cover November 2013A lot of people would give up on a fakelationship conspiracy theory when the couple in question got married. Even more would give up when they announced they had a baby on the way. But I’m not most people, which is why I’m still obsessed with the allegations that Danielle and Kevin Jonas are totally phoning it in.

My theories are supported by Blind Gossip, which says that Danielle isn’t actually pregnant, but is hiding it with fake pregnant bellies purchased online until their adoption can theoretically come through. It’s a far-fetched rumor, but one that I happen to believe because sometimes I think Danielle messes up and wears the wrong belly.

You guys always yell at me when I write stories like this, and I’m sure today will be no different, but before you tell me I’m a raving lunatic, please do me a favor and look at the two of them on the cover of Fit Pregnancy. If you mean to tell me that those are the awkward prom poses of two people who have not only touched skin to skin before but also share a bed and a life and a future child, then I have some thinking to do.

But even if you’re okay with the way that Kevin clearly doesn’t even know how to touch his wife’s pregnant belly, immediately read these quotes he gave the magazine and prepare to eat your words. Here is Kevin describing spending time with Danielle during the pregnancy:

“I wanted to be there for her. Whenever I had a day off, I’d fly home and we’d just lay in bed together.”

Yup, mmmhmmm, that sounds like the rest of your marriage to me. ‘Sex is when you lie silently beside each other under the covers and try not to let your bodies touch, right? Because in that case, I’ve had sex loads of times. Enough to create a whole baby and throw a really killer Mary Poppins-themed baby shower for my wife this past weekend!’

MARY POPPINS. I rest my case.

(Photo: Fit Pregnancy)

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    • Jill O’Rourke

      It’s like they’re thinking, “Careful, careful! No sudden movements or the belly will fall off!”

      • Janis

        Yes, that’s EXACTLY what they’re thinking JILL!! You people are idiots!!!!!!

    • Meredith Hirt

      I don’t think this photo provides substantial proof they were even at the shoot together. If I had two people stand in the pose in separate places I could totally Photoshop them together. And I’m an amateur.

      • Janis

        Who are you that YOU should need substantial PROOF of anything where Kevin an Danielle are concerned??

    • HillyCSP

      It is the most perfect pregnant belly I have ever seen not on a movie actor pretending to be pregnant. That to me is when I start wondering what is going on. Real pregnant celebs – like real pregnant women – have all different shapes and sizes of pregnant bellies. She is wearing a jersey dress and her belly is the perfect pregnant egg shape and it is sitting really low. What are the odds? How far along is she supposed to be here anyway?

      • Ryrhrh

        This belly is very round as well; is her pregnancy fake??

    • Ryrhrh

      Perfect circle; is she not pregnant as well?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I don’t actually know who that is.

      • Ryrhrh

        It doesn’t matter if you don’t know her; people are saying Dani’s belly is too round; well is this one “too round” as well?

      • shana

        that is Carol and she just had her baby over a month ago and he is real just like Dani and Kevins baby will be next month please find some other crap to write about …..

    • Janis

      OK, ENOUGH!!! I’m Danielle’s aunt. And YES, she is without a doubt PREGNANT!!! I don’t understand where this is all coming from that she’s NOT! The last thing she would ever think of doing is faking a pregnancy. Please stop it! This is ridiculous. Danielle and Kevin ARE married (and happily I might add) and most definately expecting a baby girl. She and Kevin can’t even attend my sons wedding because her due date is TOO CLOSE to his wedding. Seriously, lay off these two. Let them enjoy this time in their lives just like everyone else.

      • Napoleon

        I hate to break the news…but Kevin’s gay.

    • Sarah

      This is ridiculous, as a fellow pregnant woman on my 3 rd pregnancy. I have carried differently each time. & Everyday depending on what I’m wearing I look bigger or smaller. I think it sad that this family is even questioned. & Really! Why do you people think you need proof of a pregnancy from people you don’t even know & I’m sure they could care less about what some second rate tabloid has to say…

    • Porfivor Nixon

      Why would anyone put those two ugo’s on a magazine cover??

    • Judy Tarver

      And I didn’t think celebs could get any more shocking. In my opinion, IF this pregnancy is a lie, it’s the worst thing I’ve read anywhere…including Miley’s tongue and boney body being exposed all the time.

    • Denise

      Ummmmm she is definitely pregnant, and any stupid conspiracy theories are just that. Stupid. Find something else to obsess over!

    • annoyed by Aunt Janis

      why is their aunt ranting and raving on here? they have a reality show, they signed up for public judgements and normal working people’s opinions. don’t be a star if you cant handle all aspects that come with the fame! if you want to let them be just like everyone else, then they shouldnt be faking their life on a boring reality show and making millions off of poor acting!!!!!

    • liljay

      In my opinion…. I find it odd there is NO weight gain or bloating on the rest of her body. Im small just like her and I have had 3 kids.
      I just find it odd that her face is not a little fuller and boobs are not bigger. You look at pics before she was pregnant and she looks the same…its just odd.

      • Talia Gamble

        I just have to point out here that every woman carries her baby differently .I am currently 28 weeks and you can’t even tell i’m pregnant unless you’re scrutinizing me. I have only gained 13 pounds so far and I get the “Wow! You must be on drugs/faking/starving yourself!” cracks regularly. It’s REALLY annoying when i’m just small naturally! My uterus also tilts backward which means she is laying against my spine instead of pushing out front. I say, leave them alone. How they start their family is their business and their business alone.

      • liljay

        Like I said “my opinion” get over yourself.

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