Improv Group Re-Enacts Famous When Harry Met Sally Orgasm Scene, ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’ Jokes Ensue

when harry met sally deli orgasm

ill have what she's having when harry met sally

When Harry Met Sally gets me every single time. It doesn’t matter it if I catch it in the beginning or the middle or the (extremely stressful) New Year’s Eve end, I always end up watching whatever’s left. There’s just something about 1989 Billy Crystal that pulls me in. And that’s why I got so excited to when I saw that Improv Everywhere re-enacted the famous orgasm scene in Katz’s Deli recently, the exact place where the scene originally took place. And I know you know the scene that I’m talking about. There aren’t too many rom-coms that can make a “deli orgasms” a thing. (Although I shudder to think that’s a thing on Urban Dictionary.)

While I expect you to know what it means when someone says, “I’ll have what she’s having,” I’ll forgive you for not being as familiar with Improv Everywhere. They’re a hilarious prank group that pulls off all kinds of zany stunts. Whenever I’m in a large crowd that starts acting strange, I always cross my fingers that I’m about to witness one. So far it turns out that I just have a strange propensity for weird crowds with lots of excess energy. But one day…maybe…if the Angels win the pennant.

Until then I can just keep appreciating the fact that there people out there who are brave enough to orgasm publicly while other people are eating dinner. And note, I did say people and not person. Because why should only one person get to re-enact this amazing scene!?

(GIFS: Tumblr)

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