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How to Be Pretty, According To Our Favorite Makeover Movies

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Phone


While there are many challenges in life, being pretty is not one of them.  In fact, I’m here today to tell you that any old troll can go from drab to fab in just six easy steps. How do I know? I did it! Just a few years ago, I was ugly. Heinous, in fact.  Sometimes, and guys this is kind of a big secret here, I went out in public in a ponytail. A PONYTAIL. I might as well have pinned a sign to my back that said “monster coming through.” And even worse. I occasionally wore clothes designed for comfort and not for fashion. Which everyone knows is horrible for your complexion. I’m not telling you all this because I want you to pity me, I’m telling you because I want you to know that if I can become pretty, you can too. Anyone can! All you have to do is study  our favorite makeover movie characters – Laney Boggs, Mia Thermopolis, Gracie Lou Freebush, Baby, Cady, Cinderella — and see how they went from being the ugliest of ducklings to the most beautiful of swans.

So with no further ado, here are the six steps to go from gross to glam!

Step One: Straighten Your Hair

Anne Hathaway Princess Diaries Transformation


Buy a straightener. Use it every single day. Also while you’re at the store, buy a hair stylist. I think they’re in aisle three, just standing around with their hands on their hips, waiting to make someone feel awful about having c*rly hair. Splurge on the one who takes one look at your hair, sighs and asks someone to hand him a pair of scissors.

Step Two: Get Contacts

Rachel Leigh Cook Staircase Makeover


Sorry four eyes, but it’s time to lose the geek gear and put in some contacts. Because unless you’re applying for the job of the town virgin, you’re never going to get anywhere with glasses. “But they’re uncomfortable,” you might say. Well now you know how everyone felt when they looked at you.

Step Three: Stop Eating

Sandra Bullock Miss Congeniality Makeover


I like food as much as the next human being. But like all beautiful people, I gave it up to get a killer bod. Sure I sometimes have incredibly emotional dreams about eating, but with food comes calories. And we all know that calories are the cancer of beautiful people.

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  • http://techwayz.com/ Pramod

    Nice and important suggestions for all the women who wanna look pretty .

  • Alexis Rhiannon

    Hahaha this is amazing.

  • Lajya

    Am i the only one constantly scrolling up to look at Patrick Swayze?? this feeling is indescribable…looking like that MUST be illegal :/

  • Kate McGarry

    So concerned that Pramod doesn’t know this is facetious

    • Jenni


    • MCR

      I’m concerned that you don’t know Pramod was being facetious.

    • Kate McGarry

      You’re right, I should have worded it better – I meant I was concerned that he MIGHT HAVE taken it seriously. His comment left me confused by its intent.

    • MCR

      Understood. Yes, it’s a little ambiguous.

  • Danielle

    Whoa, today I wore glasses and a ponytail. GLASSES AND A PONYTAIL! I’m amazed my husband didn’t bring home divorce papers…
    love this article :)

    • Jenni

      I wanted to wait a full day to respond to see how your marriage was going..update?

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  • Maya

    I’m not sure if this is serious but if it is wtf. Stop eating? Yeah because being anorexic is good. Then ditching your friends, you won’t have any friends if you’re just going to ditch them because you think you’re it. If it’s serious then just no, if it isn’t, make it more obvious as some people could take it seriously.

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