Justin Bieber Disses Taylor Swift In New Song, Ruins His Chances Of Ever Being Her Fake Boyfriend

Justin Bieber leaving

In between terrorizing South America and committing career suicide, Justin Bieber's been releasing a new song every Monday. And you better beliebe that they all sound just as generic and computeric as everything he's put out since his voice left him for puberty. However today's song is special because it's about Taylor Swift. You know Taylor, right? She's that cat that a witch turned into a songstress a few years back in exchange for John Mayer's number. She's also the reason that Selena Gomez broke up with Justin Bieber. Or I should say that her tongue's the reason.

Well, okay, let's be fair, a small part of the reason. While this is all speculation, I'm pretty sure that Selena's management team made her dump him before he dragged her reputation down any further. (If only Liam Hemsworth's people had done the same…) However, as we've learned, Justin Bieber lacks any kind of self-awareness. Which means that this concept would be completely foreign to him. "Speak English!" he probably yells at his management team when they say logical things like "this isn't good for your reputation" and "your career is suffering when you behave like an idiot" and "please stop pooping on the floor."

Considering that he's incapable of blaming himself for their break-up, he had to blame Taylor Swift. While he doesn't come right out and say it, the "All Bad" lyrics make it pretty obvious:

It’s another, if it ain’t one thing
Instigators, like pouring fire on propane
The wrong thing, they be worried about
Ooh, you know females
And how they like to run their mouth

And according to Hollywood Lifethe Biebs RTed a tweet suggesting that the song's about Taylor.

Which prompted the original tweeter to assume his shading suggestions are correct.

So now it's just up to the Swifties to officially launch war against the Beliebers. As long as the Swifites don't challenge the Belibers to a "how many words can you misspell in a single comment" contest, they have the advantage in this one.

Oh and if you need me, I'll be the one stuffing my face with popcorn and cheering everyone on.

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    • Katy Hearne

      Why hasn’t Usher put a stop to this?

    • dani

      seriously bieber, just disappear, like, who’s gonna make us the favor?, please send him to the space or something

    • Michel92

      “you know females and how they like to run their mouths” — Justin Bieber, song lyrics

      I know people will be mad about those anti-female lyrics. But Taylor Swift praised her fans last week for not saying mean or violent comments in tweets or comment sections. I hope her fans keep that in mind. It doesn’t mean you can’t say you’re upset and angry about his song. But no cursing, violent or nasty comments about Justin or his fans.

      • Jenny

        No nasty comment about Justin singing about Taylor, because obviously, he’s ‘writing’ (not) his side of the story. But yeah, all hell will break loose because that is a fucking sexist lyric and I am MAD at him for that.

    • lo

      It’s not about Taylor, it’s more about Selena’s other group of friends.

    • who_knows123

      “Computeric” huh? Well that’s a new one, even for someone who claims objectivity Jenni. More like lack of it… However Taylor Swift had this coming for a long time, and has made a fortune out of dissing her exes in songs. Most guys know exactly what he is singing about and know girls like that who like to stir up trouble behind their back with their girlfriend. Justin Bieber is untouchable anyways and does what he wants. On a positive note, Bad Days is the best track so far!

      • Jenni

        How dare you say that I claim objectivity!

    • Bert Lagrimas

      fine. but JB don’t feel bad if Taylor will wrote a song about you back. It’s going to be a hit and you won’t like it.

    • sara

      finally someone wrote a song on her…. oh how the tables have turned. i bet you don’t like it Taylor karmas a bitch