Taylor Swift Was So Shocked By Her Award That She Only Prepared A 3-Minute Speech

Taylor Swift receiving Pinnacle Award at the CMAs November 2013We still have a few months before the faux-surprised speeches start flooding in from Hollywood celebrities during awards season, but luckily Taylor Swift is here in the meantime to keep our earnestness tolerance up. She won something called the Pinnacle Award at the Country Music Awards last night, and my goodness there was a lot of gushing.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it before, but the thing about the CMAs is that everyone is so. genuine. I don’t know if they actually all like each other or if they’re really good at pretending, but either way it’s pretty convincing. The clip starts out with Lennon and Maisy Stella, the two younger sisters from Nashville, finishing some sort of song tribute to her, after which Taylor needs a hug from Maisy and plants I’m gonna say four kisses on her face and head, trying to get her red lipstick to come off on her.

And then a mighty team of recognizable names and indiscriminately cowboy-hatted gentlemen assembles onstage and the curtain comes up to reveal that today the is the day the Pinnacle Award is to be given away! To Taylor Swift, of all people! WHAT MY GOODNESS, THIS IS SO UNEXPECTED! That is why I brought my parents and was seated in the front row and tried out this dashing mullet updo. I just had no idea this was coming, so I only prepared a three-minute speech for the occasion!

I’m being cynical, of course, because this award is actually pretty great. It’s to honor anyone who does a particular service in bringing country music to a wider audience, and who also has a groundbreaking presence in the community, both of which Taylor has undeniably done. Plus only two have been given out ever, with Garth Brooks being given the other one.

In a video packet featuring fellow music artists, country-ish celebrities, and, inexplicably, Julia Roberts, Taylor’s career is detailed down to every extremely impressive detail. I didn’t realize it, but she was the most charitable celebrity in 2012, giving away millions of dollars of her hard-earned money. Which is particularly incredible when you consider the fact that, at twenty-three, she’s only four years older than Justin Bieber. So while he’s taking chicken nugget-induced naps with an alleged prostitute, she’s she’s donating $4 million to open an education center. Kind of puts things in perspective.

But if there’s one thing I hate, it’s putting things in perspective, so I’d much rather point out how silly it is that Taylor was pretending to be surprised, only to follow it up by admitting that she totally knew this was happening. Because of course she did. Part of what I find so grating about her is her extremely polished persona, and this award really pointed out to me that that persona is a result of hard work and impressive ambition, so maybe I can take it easy for a minute.

So congratulations Taylor, on your well-deserved achievement. Now get back to saying silly things about boys so that my destiny as a blogger can be fulfilled.

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    • Avril

      Hahaha you’re so unprofessional!!!! you’re disgusting!!! you didn’t even take the time to listen to what Taylor said.

      She knew she was gonna be given that award but she didn’t know it was gonna be such a big recognition. She didn’t know there were gonna be all those country artists on stage and she was not expecting the video they prepared for her.

      The speech she gave wasn’t prepared before hand, maybe she had one prepared but she changed it (it’s what a professional artist do wheneve things turn up to be different than they expect ;)) because she talked about every single person on stage and, I repeat, she didn’t know they were gonna be there.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        That’s a lot of exclamation points for someone who clearly didn’t even bother to read the post.

      • Zac

        I read the whole post. And the point still stands. She WAS surprised because she didn’t know who was going to present it, or about the video.

        On a funny note, I was eating breakfast when I watched the awards and when Ellen said pineapple I amidst died choking on a rice crispy -_-

      • Zac


      • Avril

        I did read it and I understood your irony, you say nice words about her but you also diss her ;)

      • Lajya

        listen, I’m a swiftie as well, and yesterday she said that she’s proud of her fans because they don’t hate or threaten to set other fans on fire. She also said she’s thinkks we’re nice to each other and other people. So by saying such stuff, you’re just sounding hateful. you can state your opinions in a better way, you know.

      • Lex

        Avril, it’s not nice to call people disgusting. Taylor would not approve.

      • Avril


    • Jenny

      I know that this is one of the first articles you’ve ever written appreciating anything Taylor’s ever done, and that’s pretty cool, but I’d also like to point out that she wasn’t surprised by the award, she was surprised by the people who congratulated her for the award. She even said that in her speech. Everyone knew that she was going to get this award, it was news just about a week ago.

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    • Lajya

      such a..mature article. really, really good! however, one thing I’d like to say is that she said “i knew i was getting this award but i thought it would be an off camera thing, which is awesome in itself. but I didn’t know that there would be people coming up and a video package and lennon and maise, so i was blown away by that”. So she was actually surprised because of the big deal they made it :) it’s good to see you unbiased sometimes, and please take that as a compliment!