Does Liam Hemsworth Have What It Takes To Be A Movie Star Or Did He Just Luck Out Getting Cast In The Hunger Games

Liam Hemsworth Scooby Doo The Hunger Games Bad Lip Reading


Last year Liam Hemsworth landed a top spot on our 25 Crushable Guys under 25 list. This year he didn’t even rank. And as a rabid celebrity enthusiast, you’re probably wondering what happened there. How did a man with so much potential and promise fall so fast and so far on a list that the industry calls “the only list that matters.” Which industry you may ask, that’s neither here nor there right now. This article’s devoted to Liam Hemsworth and not to the industry that’s currently showering us with accolades, trophies and assorted pastries.

When we awarded Liam Hemsworth spot #3 last year, we believed him to be on the cusp of making it big. Not only did he have The Hunger Games coming up, but he also had THREE other movies: Love and HonorParanoia and Empire State. With his wonderfully attractive Australian accent and his even more wonderfully attractive face, we assumed that all three of those movies would go on to become a Blockbuster hit. However none of them went on to be a hit, or even a flop. They all bombed. Love and Honor got a 13% on Rotten Tomatoes,  Paranoia got a 4% on Rotten Tomatoes and tragically Empire State got a no percent because it went straight to DVD. STRAIGHT TO DVD! That’s the equivalent of Crushable getting turned into a Xanga overnight. Which, for those of you who might have just time traveled here from 2003, is really bad. Sure he has Cut Bank lined up for 2014, but he’s the biggest star in that movie, so do with that information what you want.

Liam Hemsworth movie


And yes, he has Catching Fire and the Mockingjays coming out, but the fact that he can’t carry a movie alone is a problem. Just look at Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a multi-tasking miracle so it’s probably not fair to compare. But in between The Hunger Games
and Catching Fire, she won an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook, acted in American Hustle and started filming X-Men: Days of Future PastWhile the success of American Hustle is still up in the air, it’s already getting lots of Oscar buzz. And X-Men is pretty much a guaranteed hit.

Or, to push acting analysis even closer to home, look at Josh Hutcherson. While his downtime in between The Hunger Games and Catching Fire isn’t anywhere near as full as Jen’s, he’s still earned A-List status by being an all-around awesome guy. I know that “all-around awesome” is a tad (okay, a lot) subjective, but he really does seem to be a quality celeb. He’s not only actively involved with Straight But Not Narrow, but he’s also come out on the record as saying that his sexuality isn’t a big deal. Which, in itself is a big deal. Every celebrity has the choice to make a difference in the world and Josh Hutcherson is taking advantage of that and making it happen.

Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus the last song


Liam Hemsworth on the other hand hasn’t used his new powers for good. He’s instead spent the year getting engaged and then un-engaged to Miley Cyrus. While I do think she was a completely different person when they met, it does make you do a double take when you think about how long they were together. It’s hard to imagine that he’s as normal as he comes off in interviews when you see how abnormally Miley behaves. Sure he broke up with her for a reason, but I think their relationship most definitely hurt his career. Part of being a movie star is being able to act, the other part is knowing how to play the game. I’m sad to say that Liam Hemsworth doesn’t seem to be all that great at either.

That won’t stop me from crushing on him or thinking of him exclusively as Gale after Catching Fire premieres in a few weeks. It just means that he doesn’t get a spot on the list this year.

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    • elle

      He is a truly terrible actor who lucked out on A) looks B) the hunger games roll and C) a brother in the biz who actually can act.

      • elle

        Lol role not roll….I have carbs on the brain I guess

      • Jenni

        I think his accent gets him so very far.

      • abbeysbooks

        He’s very pretty. Bill Condon likes that in young men/boys. Expect to see lots of porno face Liam in Girl With Fire.

    • Stephanie Stevens

      He really didn’t have that big of a part in the first Hunger Games so I guess I couldn’t really tell. I didn’t watch his other films cause they didn’t interest me, so I guess the verdict is still out on Liam…

      • Jenni

        He could end up really proving himself, I’m just not sure though.

    • Charlene

      At least we got a good Hemsworth in Chris. That’s all that matter.

    • truth

      lol at the relationship with Miley hurt him. No it hurt her – he used her to get noticed in the industry & he was not even their choice for The Last Song – Miley’s team got him the part. He is not a good actor – certainly not an A lister & he will continue to attach himself to women who a) he thinks will help his career & b) women he can feel superior to. Miley is too big a name for him to overshadow. I do agree that he could not possibly be as “perfect” as he appears. a) he smokes & Miley did not until she started seeing him. b) most young celebs and smokers also smoke weed – pretty sure he does.
      c) he definitely is a drinker.d) he is a cheater e) he messed with a very young girl’s heart (Miley was 16 whe they started going together and more innocent when it came to love & being able to tell if the guy sincerely loved her) e) what kind of guy proposes to a girl & continues to cheat even immediately after?
      He is not a “nice” as he is trying to portray publicly & maybe Miley has changed because of how bad Liam treated her – it was obvious how much in love with him she was – he, however pretty much seemed indifferent. Another ploy to garner more attention to him. When he was with Miley the paparazzi chased him – not so much anymore.

      • Jenni

        Dating Miley most definitely helped him at first…but I think it’s undeniable that being connected to her when she started going crazy wasn’t good for his image.

      • truth

        see I don’t see her as going crazy at all, she is smart & knows if she is to stand out in the music industry & do well she needs more than her good voice, which is remarkably better than before. Pop & rock & R& B Music is not selling the same as before & it takes and “edge”. Miley submitted to Liam’s “control” for a while but a person needs to be themselves & music is in Miley’s dna.
        Miley CANNOT be blamed for the horrible reviews Liam got on the acting in the movies he was the “star” of, like Paranoia, & Love & Honor, & Empire state – that is stricly based on how Liam came across on screen. In hungar games he is not the primary star & does not have to carry the movie, therefore he can get by on looks alone. Sorry but women all give him a free pass on everything because he has good looks, but eventually substance and character have to accompany the good looks or all he will be is a pretty face to maybe have a career in modeling. In Hollywood pretty faces are a dime a dozen & can be manufactured by plastic surgery so if that’s all you have – not enough. It’s undeniable that he was still getting parts because of being known as Miley’s guy & “Thor’s” brother now time will tell if he can make it on hs “acting”.

    • reality

      you are literally a fucking idiot and a transparent miley cyrus super stan, “truth”. so your opinion really is invalid.

      • Blame Game is Easy to Play

        You are obviously a Miley hater so yours is invalid also. Keep blaming Miley “reality”. It is the easy thing to do.

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