Lea Michele Is Getting Her Own Glee Spinoff, So All That Bravery Is Really Paying Off

Lea Michele attending ELLE Women In Hollywood event October 2013Man, it really did not take me long at all to get cynical about Lea Michele again you guys, I have to apologize. I wanted to stay sympathetic to her forever and ever, but something about her personality is such a draw on my empathy stores that I couldn’t keep it up for long. I’m sorry.

In the four months since Cory Monteith‘s tragic overdose, all we’ve kept hearing is how much strength and bravery it took for Lea Michele to return to the set and keep filming. We were told that she kept doing it because it was a way to say goodbye and because she didn’t want the rest of the cast and crew to be unemployed. We were reminded how courageous it was of Lea to finish out the final two seasons of the show in her boyfriend’s absence, and even praised Ryan Murphy for deciding that the show’s sixth season would be its last. It would’ve been ideal if the farewell episode to Cory’s character Finn Hudson hadn’t been quite so exploitative, but we were grateful that the team was finally seeing the light and accepting that the time had come for the show to end, however belatedly.

But I have to take a lot of that back now, because apparently Ryan is giving Lea her very own spinoff show where she can continue playing Rachel Berry even after Glee itself ends. Really milking the franchise and the tragedy for all they’re worth, huh guys?

“They’re making the deals now and it also presents a viable exit plan for the main Glee series itself — in that some of its core cast would also migrate to the Lea Michele project as Glee is showing signs of aging.”

Yeah, why would you want to go out gracefully, having handled the devastating death of a cast member as respectfully as possible? Isn’t it more important to keep clinging to sinking wreckage that is Glee? And to keep Lea and her career firmly tied to Cory’s memory? (Even though we’re kind of buying into the rumors that their relationship wasn’t even real in the first place.) That seems like the best way to keep squeezing money out of this franchise by exploiting viewer nostalgia. Congratulations.

The spinoff hasn’t been made official by FOX or anyone involved, nor do we have a name for it or anything, but according to an anonymous insider, ‘this will be announced soon’.

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    • This again

      This created rumor ( “insiders”again really?!?!) was debunked by eonline and gossipcop. Stop looking for a reason ( insiders and fanfiction ) to hate this girl.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I wish I was looking for reasons, but I’m not. I just keep finding them anyway.

    • Alana

      I love how you take rumors as fact, and don’t wait for confirmation or an actual source. Also, you’re the one making everything about Cory. God. This girl cannot get a break. And what right do you have to judge how she moves on? You don’t know her. You didn’t know Cory. Maybe stop criticizing and judging how other people grieve. Regardless of her relationship with Cory, she’s navigating a difficult situation and attempting to mourn the loss of someone who she knew quite well (they were, at the very least, good friends). She’ll probably make some mistakes, but why not believe that she is trying her best.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        It seems like this girl just did get a break, in fact — her own TV show.

      • Alana

        Its super fun to make fun of someone who’s going through a hard time, isn’t it? I mean, she lost a friend/boyfriend (depending on your opinion of their relationship). Your articles are so negative and callous. Where is your humanity? She’s still a person with feelings, regardless of the public face she is putting on. Also, you don’t know her. You only know what she allows you to see, which means you know nothing about her, cory, or their lives. You must understand that.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You only know what she chooses to show you as well, aka it’s totally acceptable for us each to have informed opinions about her behavior.

      • Emily

        You’re my new idol Alexis

      • Stephanie Stevens

        I agree with you. They gave her a show because of the tragedy it’s sad but that is the way Hollywood works, it is exploitive they were never talking about giving her a show until this happened. Sad but true.

    • wow

      What a heartless person this “author” must be. You’re talking about HER personality?! Maybe you should re-read your article, look at your heartless and stupid accusations (PR relationship, really? Milking it? By pushing all her other projects back, fleeing the public eye, giving no interviews for months?) and think about your own personality. This is a young woman, who lost her partner at the age of 26 and has to grieve with the public watching and judging her every move. Can’t imagine a worse situation. If I could choose a ‘celebrity’ role model for my daughter, I’d choose her. She’s been handling this situation with such grace and maturity, it’s admirable, in my opinion.
      I’m sorry for my rant, but people who so easily attack such a young woman who’s going through the worst time of her life right now, really disgust me.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You don’t need to put ‘author’ in quotes! The fact that I wrote it is not an opinion!

      • wow

        Ok, I apologize for that. But still… I really wish people would stop judging her like this. You don’t have to like her and I understand why a lot of people find her annoying and difficult. But the way she’s handling this situation? You have to at least respect her, in my opinion. I just read her whole ELLE interview and it was very classy. I hope you’ll get to read it and will change your mind about some of the things you said, eventually.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I will definitely look for it! I think it’s okay for people to have different opinions about her, so thank you for respecting mine the same way I respect yours.

      • JustJenna

        Writing an article like this doesn’t make you an author. It does make you a jaded blogger though.

    • Emily

      If this is true, I honestly don’t see how it’s milking Cory’s tragic death. The show has a strong fan base and the NY/Rachel storyline has potential. As a Glee fan, I’ve grown sick of the high school plot and have been crossing my fingers for a NY spin-off since the beginning of this season. Sure, the timing is poor, but I’d wager this has been in the works since before Cory’s passing.

    • A

      An author at you sister site said it best ” Leave Lea Michele alone, you tasteless scavengers”.

      That is all


    • Victoria R.

      My gosh, you again?! Writing another Lea Michele- Hate article???!! You are probably, no scratch that, DEFINITELY the most impertinent person I’ve ever heard of. Just because she gets a spin-off doesn’t mean she’s disrespecting his passing, like you are! I, like most people, are happy for her if this turns out to be real, because it’s a great opportunity for her! Just because he died, doesn’t mean that she has to stop portraying a role that is popular with many people and inspiring. His death is in the past, and rejecting an opportunity like this keeps you stuck in the past. It’s helping her move on doing what she loves, and playing the character that she loves. Shame on you for CONTINUING TO PUT HER DOWN. And by the way, you should edit this article, or better yet, delete it all together, since many reliable sources (unlike you) have proved it just a rumor. This is false advertisement, so please get rid of this before you embarass your character and self even more.

    • Stephanie Stevens

      I have to agree, I have never been a fan of Lea and I won’t start now just because of a tragedy. It’s sad that she loss someone very close to her and that cuts deep I’m sure. But I’m not talking about her personal life, it’s her attitude and hypocrisy that I never liked and I never will. People are not heartless because they speak their true opinions so I don’t think she should pretend to like this person if she doesn’t. Bad things and tragedies have happen to all of us but it doesn’t mean we have never been assholes.

    • Tess

      How can people be so mean?? She’s not only the Glee actress, you know? SHE IS A PERSON; LIKE ALL OF US! What would you feel if your fiance died? I don´t even like that tv serie, but honestly, you don’t need to be a fan to know how sad it is to lose someone you love that much. And yeah well, none of us can really tell if they where a couple or not, because I really doubt that anyone of us know her (or knew him) in real life. It’s sad how people can be so cold hearted when we are talking about a human being (again, like all of us, with a hard past, secrets and mistakes) who passed away. Sadly, that’s just how hollywood and… well… the whole world, works nowadays.