Here’s The Annual Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank That Makes It Cool To Laugh At Crying Kids

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Kid crying

It’s hard to remember what we did in the days after Halloween before Jimmy Kimmel started pulling his annual “mom and dad ate all your candy” prank. Did we carry on as normal? Did we just let the holiday slip away? The candy bowl go unfilled? Did we put away the black candle for another year, another virgin? I honestly cannot remember back that far. But really, who can remember 2010, besides the Giver and maybe, Google?

All I know now is that after Halloween comes the Jimmy Kimmel prank. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about (and honestly, are probably still using AOL dial-up), let me give you the rundown real fast. For the past two years, Jimmy Kimmel’s asked parents watching his show to film themselves telling their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy. As you may have guessed from once being a child yourself and/or knowing a few, the kids lose it. Like straight up fall apart, break down and behave as if they’ve missed at least two days worth of naps.  For obvious reasons, it’s hilarious.

Now that it’s kind of a highly anticipated American tradition, Jimmy Kimmel did it again this year. And thanks to a PG-13 twist ending that I didn’t see coming, it might be the best one yet. Then again, who am I to say which crying kids cried the funniest?

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    • Olivia Wilson

      There’s no way I’ll ever stop loving this.

    • Janok Place

      This is just mean, and childish. It really upsets these poor kids, why are heart broken kids funny?

      Remember what the end of the world felt like when you were little? I can’t believe parents think tormenting little ones like this is entertaining. Grow up.

      • Shmuel

        I agree. This is sick.

    • BubbleyToes

      “That bitch!” SO FUNNYYYYY

    • Emily

      Some of these kids’ reactions are bloody terrifying!

    • Jamie Gaughenbaugh

      This is so mean…and I am a terrible person for laughing until I cried.

    • b

      Sure it’s mildly traumatic, but not much different than not getting a toy so nbd. Well worth my entertainment. None of them will remember in 15 years and will be thankful to have been part of it. I would have.

    • Shmuel

      Unbelievably mean.

    • Shmuel

      This is sick. Seriously. Jimmy Kimmel, you need help.

    • Shmuel

      We need to play a mean prank on Jimmy Kimmel.

    • Stephanie Stevens

      I didn’t realize alot of the crushable readers were very sensitive…Don’t chew my head off, it’s just my observation.

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