Selena Gomez Isn’t The Girl You Take Home ‘For The Night,’ So When You’re Ready Don’t Come And Get It

Selena Gomez come and get itHas Selena Gomez met Selena Gomez? Or has she at least listened to her music? Because it’s starting to look like she’s spent a little to much time with her BFF Taylor Swift and caught some of her No Self-Awareness At All Syndrome. In a new interview with Teen Vogue, Selena says she’s a wholesome girl who doesn’t like to rebel, despite the more promiscuous lyrics in her popular songs. She turns full Taylor for a second and says, “You fall in love and it completely consumes you.” Ugh, here we go.

“So a part of you is broken when that’s gone. And part of you wants to have that rebellious feeling where you’re just like, forget it-I can do anything I want. I’ve tried it, and I’ve never been that girl. I’m always going to be the girl you want to take home to your parents, not for the night.”

Okay, I’m with you here, Selena. I imagine this approach to dating and sexuality is what made you and Justin Bieber not work out, since he seems to prefer the “for the night” type of girl, particularly when he can pay for it. I’m just a little confused about how this relates to your song lyrics and the videos that go with them. As your “hater” Lorde explained, “Come and Get It” doesn’t exactly send a positive message to young women. Also, I think we can all agree that “it” doesn’t refer to the warm apple pie you just made that you want your boyfriend to carry to his parents’ house when you go to visit them. I’m pretty sure “it” is sexytimes.

Selena didn’t write “Come and Get It,” but she still chose to sing it and star in a seductive video for it (as well as her other single “Slow Down,” which includes lyrics dripping with innuendo), so in turn that becomes a part of her public image. Granted, she’s not twerking on a married man’s crotch or riding naked on a wrecking ball, but at least Miley Cyrus doesn’t then do interviews and say, “I’m really just the innocent girl next door. I’ve tried being something different but it doesn’t work.”

I like Selena Gomez against my better judgment, and she seems light years more mature than the typical pop star her age, but her public image is all over the place these days. Chalk it up to the dreaded “former Disney girl trying to prove she’s a grown-up” stage, but the words that come out of her mouth in song don’t match the ones that come out of her mouth in interviews, and that sends a lot of conflicting messages to her fans.

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    • Jay Dee

      I feel like a song is a song and people should be smart enough not to take the lyrics too seriously

      • Eyeballs

        Isnt music suppose to be personal for the artist. The artist can then relate and perform the song with more emotion and passion. I guess if you don’t sing every song live you may not have that problem with not being able to relate to your own music. Even Miley is more honest in her music and she can relate to what she is singing about. Even if it may be drugs and partys.

        That is what music is suppose to be. Like A diary. Taylor may be a bit annoying but she relates to every song she sings just like Bieber, Katy Perry, Demi, Gaga, Pink and more people. If you dont hook up or whatever then don’t sing about it. Let the people who do it sing it. Be true to yourself instead. Sure You can wright about it but instead of you singing about something you supposedly dont do, why not give it to someone who actually can relate. Just a thought.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        I don’t know if I agree that all music has to be like a diary, but I do think artists should think about the messages their songs are sending and make sure it’s in line with the way they live their lives and the things they believe in.

      • Eyeballs

        Hehe thats what I meant to say but I got lost on the way there. Im a bit to tired, but I do agree with what you said. And the Article or whatever you call it. Im from Sweden so Im not to good at english:P

        I do want to like SelGO again she just makes me upset when she is trying to please people all the time. She should just do her and embrace whatever talent she may (or may not) have. So she at least can be true to herself.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        No I totally get what you’re saying and I agree. I think Selena just needs to figure out the best way to make sure her music reflects who she is without getting caught up in proving she’s more grown up now. As we’ve seen, that tactic can go really wrong.

      • Eyeballs

        The thing is I grew up liking Wizards and found her funny! I think she should go do the acting thing and leave music for a wile. So she gets some more life experience maybe and can wright more of her own material. I dont like her singing voice that much but some people do and she likes to sing so maybe some time and growing could help her get to a place were she is more confident in herself and can manage to be true to that.

        I dont know though. Im just trying to be a little nice today haha. Its a great Demi day with new acoustic concert videos and she is just to good at being herself haha. She even stopped in the middle of “Stay” to give a security hard a shout out for being nice to a fan. Then picked it up at the same place to sing it beautifully. To much cuteness :D So Im proud and when Im proud I can be nice about stuff sometimes. Like Selena and her talent :D

        (BTW if you check out the neon lights video she holds a note for over 8 sec , then does one for 4 sec right after. So Im happy to not have a more interesting life then I do right now. That means I dont have to miss awesome live performances. And I can have a nice conversation about SelGo talent!)

      • abbeysbooks

        Actually that tactic worked pretty well all the way to the bank.

      • abbeysbooks

        Depends if you’re talking about artists are songwriters.

      • Jay Dee

        I get what you’re saying. But at the same time I’m a writer, and I write songs among other things, and they don’t all nesecarily represent how I am or what I’ve been through. Sometimes you see other people going through things and it inspires your music, sometimes I write in metaphors, and yes sometimes I write things almost as if it’s from the point of view of a character that doesn’t at all represent me. The point it music can be dynamic, and I agree with the idea that your message should match your music (I for one would never write or sing a song with an anti-feminist lyric, because that’s something I feel strongly about) but music does not have to be like a diary. I think it’s good to have a few songs that are diary like but if all your songs are, it WILL become repetetive and boring. And that’s WHY Taylor Swift annoys people; not just because she writes about her boyfriends (almost all songwriters write about real significant others) but because she does it ALL the time! (And she’s petty about it but that’s another story). Basically what I’m saying is every single song a person puts out does not have to reflect them as a person. Sorry this was super long haha

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