Just A Few Comments From Totally Sane Duggar Fans Who Don’t Believe In Women Wearing Pants

duggar family daughters in skirts

Last month I wrote an article calling Michelle Duggar out on actively teaching her daughters to be ashamed of their bodies. On the slight chance that you didn’t read everything we’ve published in the last month, let me catch you up. Mama Duggar went on the record on her public blog as saying that she starts telling her daughters from a young age to sit up, put their legs together and pull their skirts over their knees. Lest the devil sneak in and teach them to value their bodies for what they are and not for the fetuses they can carry. As someone who believes in raising my hypothetical daughters in an environment where they aren’t ashamed of their own knees, I disagreed.

Obviously everyone on the interweb applauded what I wrote and left sincere comments commending me on my work. And by everyone, I mean no one. With the exception of a few sane normals, the comment section quickly got overtaken by Duggar family fans who accused me of being a whore enthusiast. You know, someone who prefers little girls dress like sluts instead of like god-fearing skirt-wearin’ little ladies. How they came to this conclusion’s pretty confusing. Especially when you remember that we live in a world where there’s a whole lot of room in between raising a Duggar and raising a whore-slut-sexter. In fact, as a child who spent the majority of my early years dressed in head-to-toe Gap Kids (which did include pants and skirts and dresses and even the occasional skort), I think most parents manage to find a happy meidum.

However these people do not agree with me. These people are living in some kind of dystopian world where you have to label your child as a Duggar or a Kardashian right away. One wrong move  – ie. pantal experimentation — could ruin them FOREVER! So with no further ado, please meet the people who are currently praying for my souls and the souls of my unborn daughters. Just kidding, I doubt they’re wasting their facetime with God on a heathen like me.

Duggar Cyrus 1

I’m sorry, but WHAT!? Are we really comparing girls showing their knees to boys running around with their nuts hanging out of their pants? Is that the best example? Because I would think that boy knees are just as racy as girl knees.

Duggar Cyrus 2

Okay, back up. Where are you shopping for children’s shorts? Is it the underwear section? It is, isn’t it?

duggar cyrus 3

Touche Glen3. I wouldn’t be able to resist sending some virtual medals to a woman who’s brave enough to raise cross-dressing children. Also, I am filthy. Modesty is the clinical opposite of bathing.

duggar cyrus 4

May I ask you how you pronounce your name?

Duggar cyrus 5

Premature booty shaking leads to pregnancy. Duly noted.

Duggar cyrus 6

Please point me to a time in history when parents were forced to make this choice.

Duggar cyrus 7

Because if you aren’t brought up wearing skirts, you’ll end up swinging around naked on a wrecking ball…with (twist) a whole brood of people who are doing THE EXACT SAME THING! The only crime worse than being a woman is being an unoriginal one.

Duggar Cyrus 10

Well on behalf of the Kardashians, thank you for apologizing.

Duggar Cyrus 9

But let me ask you, is making fun of God wrong?

Duggar Cyrus 11

To answer your question succinctly, yes.

(Photo: Duggar Family)

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    • Lulu

      i love how they all mentioned Miley. poor girl.

      I also love how they assume the author is saying that little girls need to be sexed up or slutty. All she said was that telling little girls that showing their knees is shameful is wrong. (did i even type that correctly?) Nothing about Modesty or sexy-fying little girls

    • Kate

      Can I just say ur comebacks are so whitty and dry… it’s amazing!!!! I would also like to ask some of these people to calling Miley Cyrus a slut because she dresses risky (sometimes is barley clothed) is an inaccurate judgement. A slut isn’t someone who wears short shorts ( and is not someone who shows their knees) A slut is someone who sleeps around, I shouldn’t even say that because having multiple partners doesn’t give anyone else the right to call u a slut. But for thr purposes of this and you close minded people slut in modern society is someone who has sex with multiple different partners (who may or may not be dressed in booty shorts). You can’t say oh miley is a slut cause yoy don’t know shit about her damn sex life or her vaules and intentions while dressing like a hot women who is comfortable with her body. Aslong as girls are happy who gives a flying F and it is wrong, especailly for a mother to make their daughters to feel ashamed of there body, especally when it’s there knees and espically when their kids are 20+

      I wear shorts in the summer expise my legs and im still a virgin say word

    • Amelia

      I’m sorry but when did it become okay to completely bash on other people’s opinions??? This article not only makes fun of other people’s opinions but views them as wrong. There’s nothing wrong with having a different opinion and I do in fact agree with your side much more than the opposing side; but its very hard to want to back you up when almost all you have done is criticize the other side.

    • Mary Boyles


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    • Erin

      What is the difference between covering your knees in a skirt or covering them in pants. I think I saw an episode once where Michelle said it helps God distinguish between the sexes. Now I’m not a very religious person but I think if He made you then He should know what your gender is. And there is a HUGE difference between dressing modestly and dressing provocatively there is no denying, but it seems as though these poor girls are never given any kind of options. I have seen the Duggars in many situation where skirts are just not practical. Like skating, skiing and playing around the house. I don’t see the difference in modesty between a floor length denim skirt and a pair of yoga pants. I mean hey my knees are covered and I can move around without someone looking up my skirt or accidentally flashing someone while getting out of my car.

      • Jenni

        I’ve read that it’s because pants show the crotch more clearly and skirts obscure more. Because I guess men are so stupid they won’t think about the crotch if there aren’t clear arrows (pants) showing where it is exactly?

    • onceweflew

      The designers of most clothing for teenagers are male… Making it near impossible to find things that fit. Coming from someone who still shops there- because it’s the closest fit, I’d have to say it’s not always by choice. I find it particularly difficult to find clothing I’m comfortable wearing and that fits me well enough. Junior clothing is designed to “barely cover ass.” And beltloops aren’t what they used to be. For the most part, at the age of 18, I still shop in the kids section because it’s less exposed. Still, this “whore enthusiasm” is pursued mainly by the people who design said clothing. CThere is nothing wrong with wanting to protect your child- but to the point of shaming/inequally protecting them, then there’s a problem

    • KupKate95

      I can see absolutely no point in time where the only ‘dress code’ options are the Duggars and the slutty female stars of this decade. I could never leave my house in a bikini, but I also wouldn’t DREAM of covering everything up all the time, especially for swimming. I wear a pair of swim trunks my brother outgrew, and a top that covers my stomach. I’m perfectly comfortable with my body and what I am and am not ‘showing off’. I’ve never had to/will dress like the Duggars do, but I’ve also never had to/will dress like the stars they’re being compared to. There is a happy medium. This is reminding me of the fact that anytime I comment on how selfish it is for them to be trying for a 20th child when the last 2 pregnancies went awry AND decided they don’t seem to want to adopt, all of my friends who see it defend them and say “They should have as many kids as they want and maybe adoption isn’t their thing.” Seriously, I get so sick of it.

    • GGates

      The Duggar’s are some strange folk. I love your posts! M Duggar needs to close the womb. Now that she has to take a more active role in actually raising the one’s she has. Or do the older ones now take on 2 of the smaller ones each to raise?

    • Abigail

      So many Christians see this and just automatically get on the band wagon . The Duggar’s are not the only family that adheres to these religious rules . They are actually following the teachings of a man. They are ATI promoters and followers . They follow a man that teaches all the principles that they live out on their show . I am a Christian woman that at one time was an Independent Baptist . Their leader teaches that they should have church at home , children should only be home schooled , girls should stay at home under the protection of their Father until they are married , if they have a career it should be one for a woman , and they do not use birth control . No , they are not Miley Cyrus’s but they have allot in common with her . Miley, like the Duggar children are are being used . Their parents made the decision to put them on tv . Except with Miley she wasn’t taped in her own home . However the web is loaded with content pro and against the Duggars. These children are under the constant eye of the public , they HAVE to be happy , they HAVE to be good because everyone is watching . One mistake , one bad move and the entire world knows . There is nothing admirable about wearing a skirt , anymore than Mileys outfits or lack of it . Modesty is a wonderful attribute but it comes from the heart . So many of these skirt only woman may look like a Duggar but they have a heart of a Miley . We don’t see this in the Duggar children but you must understand everything is taped , edited and a lot of it is told . You are not seeing reality you are see in tv. I don’t get all of the Christians jumping on the bandwagon . The courting movement is growing by leaps and bounds . If you stand up to anyone they immediately jump to the defensive and scream in your face . I believe that out of fear the Duggars bought into a lie . Their leader was just brought up on charges of sexual assault by more than a dozen home schooled girls that were in his care . They teach that sexual abuse is the fault of the victim . The number one reason is what the victim is wearing !! What kills me is hearing woman compare themselves and their children to the Duggars . Here is the truth , do your research yourself . We don’t need more families like the Duggars . Quiverful families believe they can over populate the world with Christians by procreation . I don’t see this anywhere in the Bible. It is a cult, I feel for the children . To know that as a girl my only purpose would be to have babies as a wife my only value to my husband is sex and subservient status. I know these things because I have experienced it . I know the grown children of this cult . Most of these families are struggling to make ends meet . While the leader and an unmarried man that has never had a child but groomed thousands for his own evil purposes . I don’t hate the Duggars I hurt for them . I also hurt for Miley .